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Snowboarding…always an adventure!

Let's do this!

It was basically my first time. I’m a TOTAL newbie. The only other time I have ever put on a snowboard, it was SOOO long ago that I can’t remember if I even made it off the bunny hill.


I’m NOT that girl. The whiny one. The one who says “I CAN’T”.

Nope. I TRY so hard NOT to be that girl that I often FAIL to an EXTREME degree.

So, we DO this. We cruise up to the mountain to have an EPIC day of snowboarding. It’s me, my hubs, and our BFF’s Nicolle & Aaron.

We arrive at the ski park at 2pm. The ski park closed at 4pm.

The guys would have had to rent equipment and pay for lift tickets…so they opted out. This left me and Nicolle on our own.

No turning back now

There was no turning back now. First up, the bunny hill. Now, I can safely state that I ROCKED the bunny hill.


I know, I KNOW….I have ALREADY been yelled at for this picture….I promise, I didn’t have my weight on my back foot the whole time…I had basically JUST stood up for the first time here… It’s the ONLY pic of me in action!

We gave the bunny hill 2 good runs. Well…”we” is slightly inaccurate… Nicolle, who knows how to snowboard, but hasn’t been in many years, was having a bit of trouble with that testy rope tow.

Well….Go big or go home…right!?!?! Up the lift we gooooo….

The first run was a success. Minor falls. Lot’s of stops. Made it to the bottom, fairly unharmed.

AGAIN….AGAIN…. Feeling a bit proud and able to “do this”…we head up again, this time, using the lift time to take pics!

Up the lift we go!



Shortly after this pic was taken by Nicolle, I pulled out my phone….



My license was now sitting in a pile of snow directly below the ski lift. Somewhere between the top of the lift and the bottom of the lift. Somewhere….

Well…that’s inconvenient….

Let me remind you, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SNOWBOARD, therefore, I am NOT even close to being able to NAVIGATE to a tricky location in order to locate my ID.

Well CRAP.

So, we sit at the top of the hill, trying to map out our route. We ask the 12 year old boys, who clearly have been snowboarding since birth if they are willing to go get it for me, since they watched the whole thing from the chair behind us….but they straight up told us they were trying to impress a group of girls, so they couldn’t.

So. I will spare you the long story. Although funny…here is the ending.


My snowboard ended up in a tree. Not connected to my feet. I found my ID. I had to walk halfway down the mountain. Nicolle had to climb into the tree to retrieve my board and then met me at the bottom of the hill with my board.

I can safely say, a few of “my moves” during that whole sequence of events weren’t well thought out.

But, you should also know, that wasn’t the end of our day. We went up the lift again, took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on the Freestyle run. Again, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SNOWBOARD.

BUT I HAVE VIDEO….of Nicolle! Click the link below!

Nicolle rockin the jump!

We made it down that run, again, fairly unharmed. Unless you count our stomachs hurting from SO MUCH LAUGHTER.

We got one more run in before the mountain closed. I actually had the snow patrol following me down on my last run. It was embarrassing. I even got stuck and he had to pull me up and push me until I got going again. Did I mention how embarrassing this was??

So, the day after blues….I’m sore. Everything from my neck down hurts. Especially my tailbone area (aka BUTT) and my knees. Oh, the bruises are amazing.

Oh, also, my ribs. You might wonder WHY my ribs are bruised…..


Do all ski pants go up to your ribs? Or are these just “special”? The zipper on these bad boys is at least 7 inches long. When I bend over, my ribs actually rest on top of the pants. After a few hours of this, my ribs were bruised.

I can’t wait to do it all again!




I need one.

I had a HORRIBLE nights sleep last night…and if you knew me, even a little bit, you know that means the mind was spinning in circles…and coming to very STRANGE conclusions, such as door to door robbers

I need a GIGANTIC do-over. Or, simply a time machine.

I promise I am NOT going to change anything that would like set the world off balance. (I’ve seen Fringe….WEIRD stuff) Or change the outcome of something bad that happened. Although that would be great.

What I FAILED to do, over and over and OVER again, is actually quite simple.

I thought about doing it all the time.

But I always had an excuse….there’s just not enough time, I don’t know how to do it right, I can do it tomorrow….

Well, I missed my chance.

And it’s keeping me awake at night.

So, with all this said…I feel a tiny bit of weight off my chest, because I am CONFIDENT that someone will be able to help me. Once I have a solution, I actually feel like I will be able to move forward.

Here it is, here is what I failed to do and lost my chance…. UNLESS, any of you brilliant people know how to help me….

I need my entire twitter history.

That feed holds some extremely important dates, times, situations and experiences that are priceless to me. It holds memories of my dad’s battle with cancer.

There, now you can’t make fun of me.

Can you help me?

What a weekend! I have blisters.

3 Events.

3 Dresses.

3 Pairs of Heels.

3 Blisters.


(If you follow me on Instagram…you’ve already seen some of these pics….)

Friday Night – Dave’s Birthday.
aka – I did NOT dress for bowling.

Saturday – Ashley & Charlie’s Wedding


(Do you get it? Cuz I didn’t!)

Sunday – Mother’s Day

I was loaded with roses from my kiddo’s and a fancy new straightener from the hubs. Thank you loves!

By Sunday evening, my feet HURT.

And since it was still Mothers day….

This is where I spent the rest of the evening!

Hope your weekend was a BLAST and the blisters where worth it!


I have been pondering what to do with myself for weeks now. I’m not exactly your ‘molly homemaker’ type. I do enjoy a clean-ish house and a sparkly kitchen, but those things don’t take much time. Especially the clean-ish part.

I have a normal morning routine but then by about 8:30am, I am done. Then I walk around the house in circles. There are about 12 million things I would LOVE to do, but I am jobless, therefore unable to tackle any projects that require expenses. Have you seen this house?


I have been playing in the dirt outside. I would call it gardening, but if you saw my back yard, you would laugh. I tried to clean out my flower beds, which my mom planted 2 years ago. They were overflowing and had lots of dead branches. Well….turns out I am not really that great at ‘pruning’. I killed them ALL.

Not joking.

Every. Plant. Is. Dead.


Used to look like this:

Sometimes I play in the kitchen. I create things. I rarely eat any of the treats I create…but it’s still fun.

Little Strawberry Shortcake creations

Cheesecake Brownie Bites

Lemon Filled Cupcakes

The dreamy lemon filling!

Raspberry filled cupcakes…with a strawberry on top

The chocolate cupcakes had a marshmallow filling

An afternoon Iced Mocha…with whip

I decided to wash my car…and vacuum it. And armor-all the seats so that you slip and slide on each corner.

Then I always need a nap

Sunscreen FAIL….

Sometimes I go for walks in my FINEST attire.


But….apparently there are still some people who like me.

So, in my quest to continue figuring out who I am, what I want to do when I grow up and what I should do in the meantime….I will continue to do the things I enjoy.

Whether I am good at them or not…

And I will keep walking by the things I don’t want to do/fix like this….

Happy Thursday Friends. Wait, is it Thursday?

PS – don’t tell my mom about the flower beds. She’ll fly out here and punch me.


I guess I have a bone to pick with Jessica Simpson too. Here’s the deal. My guess is she was sitting on her billion dollar couch one day, watching the Smurfs. Munchin on her favorite Keebler cookies, you know, like those E.L. Fudge treats. She says “AH HA!”. Upon which triggers her butler or the half naked man who is fanning her to immediately fetch her a crayon and a piece of paper.

She begins with this:

With her mind full of elves, gnomes and cute little trolls with a good sense of fashion, she then adds a few details.

She giggles and squeals as her new design is just about done. She adds a simple design to the top and ships her finished drawings off to the factory for immediate manufacturing and distribution.


Cute, right!?!

Well, don’t be fooled.

This is what they feel like…..

Or better yet, these are a bit more accurate…

Cushion on the sole is definitely a desirable feature, but apparently not a mandatory feature.

Do you have all 5 of your toes? On each foot? Well then, that’s a problem.

There is room for your big toe and her immediate neighbor. If toes where have a slumber party at the big toes house, meaning if all toes where in bunk beds on TOP of big toe, all would be fine. There is room in this boot for a party above the big toe. Remember those old shoes with fish in the heel?? You could easily have  a few fish hanging out in your big toe’s suite.

It’s a boot with a vaulted ceiling.

When you decide to sacrifice comfort for sass, those extra 5 inches that should be hemmed off your jeans, height, you make that decision to just push through the night. It’s then that those friends that you are going out to dinner with want to WALK from the coffee shop to the restaurant. Sure, it’s a nice evening and only a couple blocks…..

So, to sum it all up, these boots are fabulous for about 7-10 minutes and if you wear them any longer, plan to be bedridden the next day.

*Disclaimer: Mom, if you are reading this, don’t believe any of it. I LOVE the boots you got me for Christmas. They are GREAT. No really….I just needed something to blog about and since I was stuck on the couch all day, because of ummm….the flu…ya, the flu….the boots seemed to be all I could think about. Love you!


A slight mishap with the groomer….

Our fuzzy fart faces.

They are standard poodles. I call them my inheritance. They are completely nuts and other than the fact that one of them barks, they are not like any other dogs I know. I don’t think they know they are dogs.

They used to have those girly poodle cuts. Then they became ours. We wanted them to look like the goofballs that they are.

This fits them.

They need to be groomed every couple of months because they are like sheep…their hair just keeps growing and growing and growing…..

I gave the instructions to the gal at the counter. The actual groomer that we use wasn’t in yet. I said “have Patricia call me if she has any questions”

No phone calls.

I almost died when I went to pick them up.

We now have 2 giant naked mole rats. Or, they kind of look like scared white indoor deer.


Have you ever seen that Disney Short called Boundin? (IT’S MY FAV SHORT FILM OF ALLLLL TIMES!)

They’re all naked and pink.

I’m embarrassed.

They’re embarrassed.


Cuz I’m classy like that….

Inspired by Cadillac, driven by laziness and brought to you by the warmth of the first flame of the season.

Hubs and I have a revolving argument every year. He despises the fireplace, or in this case, the gas wood stove in the corner. I LOVE IT. I blame my mom. She will sit in front of a fire in mid summer while the rest of us are in the pool. I’m not that bad.

He turns the gas off, locks the little door on the side & basically cuts the power line when the temperature rises above 50.

He says “get another blanket” to me often.

This morning I woke up to a fire. I could smell it. It was glorious.

There’s just something about that first fire of the season.

But, just to set the record straight, this post has nothing to do with a fire.

About a year and a half ago, I downsized from a Nissan Armada to a Cadillac CTS. It’s like going from a school bus to a race car. It’s fun.

I chose the Cadillac because my dad collected old Cadillacs when I was growing up. He would fix them up and then park them somewhere in our front/back/side yard to look at. I used to say he fixed them up and sold them. But in reality, he RARELY sold anything. At one point we had over 100 Cadillacs in our yard. For reals. Most of them were parts cars.

So, shortly before my dad passed away, he was living with me and I wanted to get a new Cadillac and wanted him to be part of the purchasing process. He was very sick, so he couldn’t participate as much as I wanted him to, but he did manage to come down the stairs and walk outside to see it when I pulled into the driveway. He was thrilled. He LOVED it. He felt honored that I would make the decision on my own to purchase the car that he loved most. I did it for him.

Don’t get me wrong, the car is nice. It has some great features. But….it isn’t cat’s meow. I mean it doesn’t even have bluetooth OR an AUX input to connect my phone to the stereo. OR…we could chat about the DVD player. Ya, the screen in the dash that serves as the stereo, navigation, info center and DVD player. It plays DVD;s only when the car is in park. Sure, it wouldn’t be safe for me to flip on Top Gun while I cruise down to Starbucks….but WHAT’S THE POINT OF A DVD PLAYER IN A VEHICLE AT ALL if it ONLY works in PARK???? Maybe….its for those times when the kids just can’t agree on a movie, one can be in the TV room and the other can be in the garage. In the car. That’s in PARK.


I am babbling.

I told the huz when I got this car, I really wanted to take care of it. I don’t trash my cars, I just meant I wanted all the oil changes and service to be done at the dealership and wanted to treat it really well, because maybe we will break our cycle of a new car every 4 years with this one. Maybe.

It’s been a year and a half, I have taken it to the dealership once because it made horrible noises when I turned corners. Otherwise, I have taken my Cadi to ‘cheaper’ places for service. Why? Because….it’s cheaper and more convenient.

I took it yesterday to the ‘cheaper more convenient’ place. Sure, they were rather speedy and convenient, but here is what it really cost me:

Oil Change:

While we waited:

Notice the multiple packages of cookies this receipt sits upon. Not needed. BUT…they were on clearance and I CAN FREEZE THEM!

Definitely needed those things….

In short (har har….HARDLY a short post), this oil change cost me: $115.72

As I am sure you’ve already figured out….I took my Cadi to the Walmart….

Cuz I’m classy like that.

I started a REVOLUTION.

Ok, maybe not a complete revolution, but I definitely got a few people off there feet, even just for a brief moment.

It started with my exciting trip to Home Depot this weekend. It was a good day.

No, I am not in the Plumbing isle….I was leaving the Kitchen section…

So, I posted this on Insagram and people where all likey likey…so I figured people like pictures of people doing cartwheels.

Well, why am I the only one cartwheeling around life?

I figured there are only two types of people: the ‘I do cartwheels all the time’ type or the ‘I haven’t done a cartwheel since I was 6′ type.

So I asked for pictures. I asked people to get up, try it and make sure someone takes a picture!

I was soooo happy with the willing participants. And the few that I had to threaten. They all came through!

Here is the fantastic @ISEmanCometh

Here is the Inspirational @revjoel

Here we have the girl who never lets me down @aymomnexgymnast

We had the entire fabulous LafinFamily…. @lafingal


and of course…. @lafindogs

We have the spectalar @jaymalew and her ghost of a dog

We have the super dad @dadstreet who submitted this completely willingly and didn’t whine AT ALL. (ok, some of that isn’t true)

We had the friend of the friends first cousins great aunts neice….. ok, so maybe it is just @cjayplays neighbor

We had one of the COOLEST submissions from the former gymnast @dadgineer … ya, self portrait …

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have the STELLAR show-off sexy and hot @MissScarlett

Thank you all for playing my game with me!

I am pretty sure you all had fun doing it!

Ahhhhh…..the things we do for twitter!


Dang You Canada!

This post is plum full of JEALOUSY.

Canada has TONS of cool stuff…and cool people…. (NOT that the States don’t have those things…but I hear SOOOO much more about awesome contests and friggin home makeovers…all with the cute little disclaimer…. *must be a Canadian resident to enter.*)


I’ve been to Canada. A few different times. I’ve been to Victoria and Vancouver. Ya, I totally can say I’ve been all over Canada! See, from the map below. I basically AM Canadian from those trips.

Canada has Old Navy awesome crap like GIGantic gift cards and new store layouts and stuff

Canada had IKEA doing friggin kitchen remodels and crap like that. Oh ya….that WHOLE twitter party was in my feed. (have you seeeen MY kitchen?)

Canada has Mike Holmes.  SO. DANG. UNFAIR. (have you seeeen MY house?)

Canada gets Craig Ferguson….sure, he’s probably on tour and stopping all over the place BUT of course….I ONLY hear about his trip to Canada…..

I want to take a poll….because I’m pretty sure most of my social media connections are Canadian. So, go ahead and put in the little comment box thing if you are Canadian or not.


I’m asking nicely.

Because in reality….I’m just super jealous of you people.

Gonna Getcho Birthday On!

Ok, so I was going to start with “I Once was Lost, but Then You Found Me…” but that was kinda sorta about finding Jesus.

Then I was going to say “You Complete Me” but that was a story I did a long time ago about my first iPhone.

So, having to start from scratch…..

You Lost Completely Until You Found Me!

Ha!! Ok, not for real, YOU are the greatest gift God could have EVER given me. You are the most AMAZING father to your children, and INCREDIBLE husband to me, a WONDERFUL brother, a FANTASTIC son, but most of all, you are my VERY BEST Friend. You have been the firm rock that has held this family together over the last few years of tragedies. We have had a lot of tears, but you have always been the first one there to wipe them away. You keep our focus on God and His ways, you are raising our kids up in His ways. Also, you are FUNNY. Sooooo FUNNY.

You are truly without a doubt, my most FAVORITEST, EXTRAORDINARY, FABULOUS PERSON on this whole planet.

I always want your birthdays to be FABULOUS and UNFORGETTABLE.

This year was tough.. I thought about Nerf Bars for your truck….

Of course I considered the new iPad

But then……A friend had a FANTASTIC idea…..



Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Nerdy Cupcake Sugar Love Muffin Schnoochams (That was a little long for the Star Naming Counsel, but I made them accept it.

143 ALWAYS!  Let’s run off into the sunset together!! ;o)