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Archive for the ‘ Apple Nerd ’ Category


This all started a couple hours ago. NORMALLY I am not much of a complainer…really…

BUT I admit it….

I had me a case of SERIOUS NEW MAC ENVY today.

Stop rolling your eyes at me.

I posted this on Facebook:

I may have tweeted this:

Then…because of all the big meanies I work with…my husband included…I sort of posted this on Google+:


Clearly I did SOMETHING right…..

Hubs just walked in the door with this:

*deep breath*

Guess what this means…for the first time EVER, I get to say I have the newest Mac not only in our company, but in THIS HOUSE!!! ;o)

I finally Hung the Canvas o’ Awesome!

Remember way back….WAY back….like March or so….I entered this killer contest by @sthrnfairytale.

I won that contest. YAY ME!


I won a 16 x 20 Canvas Print (which I upgraded to a 30×24 cuz..well, duh) by Canvas Press which then offered people a discount code of 10% off called JENN10 (YA, I totally got my OWN discount code at a REAL place!).

I’m such a BIG deal!

Well, since my house has been under construction since the day we moved in, I hadn’t haven’t wouldn’t didn’t had not (please send english teacher to help me) hung this print of AWESOME because I wanted to figure out the very best location.

I was waiting this whole time to paint the back wall of my staircase….


My mother-in-law was over the other day.

Her: why haven’t you hung that picture?

Me: Cuz the back wall of the staircase is dirty and gross and needs to be painted

Her: Hang it next to the brick fireplace.

Me: Ummm, we don’t want people to walk into our house and that be the first thing they see. Won’t people think we are dumb and arrogant??

We are certainly not pompous people who flaunt our Apple products….that often….

She INSISTED that it would look great and would NOT make us look like IDIOTS.

So, I hung it up. And I LOVE it.

It kind of looks like it was supposed to be next to the brick!




I guess it’s not the FIRST thing you will notice when you walk in the front door. Maybe that will be our garage sale tables…??? ;o)

What do you think?

Mmmk, so here is the dealio! A few months back (or last month?) I came across a blog (Canvas Press Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giveaway) by one of my fav ROCKSTAR bloggers @sthrnfairytale. I was all, “well, ya, duh, of course I WANT THAT!” But I never win things, so I commented, tweeted, begged, blew kisses….did EVERYTHING I could to get entered.

DUDES….(obviously you know this by now…) but I WON!!! (yah, that gets 3 exclamation points!)

So, after I FREAK out and FAINT calm my nerves, I announce it to EVERYONE I know, as well as random strangers in my path.

I won a 16×20 print, including shipping. It was a value of $119.39. Be still my heart.

So, guess what I did. Yup. I UPGRADED!!!!! I ordered a 30×24 because of the photo (taken by the FABULOUS Roxi Mueller) I selected. I *might* have to build a wall to put it on, but hey, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

*DISCLAIMER: Prior to seeing the post by Southern Fairytale, I had no idea how I wanted to display this picture of my family! It was too different for just a frame! It needed something special!

It came TODAY.

I.   Can.     Barely.       Breathe.

The photo I chose is the Apple pic that I actually sent to Steve Jobs! Yes, we are all holding different Apple products, but that is NOT what this post is about.

I just died.

Again.    (LOOOOVVVVEEEE this print, SOOOO much!)

Check out the wrap!

IT’S SOOOO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!! (oh wait, that’s from a movie…)

Anyhoooo, I am soooo unbelievably happy with this print, AND I want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND CANVAS PRESS to EVERYONE on the planet! So, in honor of this post, Canvas Press has created a SPECIAL promo for you all. So, go (RIGHT NOW) and order a print from them. In the checkout area, enter the PROMO Code “JENN10″ for a special 10% off.  BOOM!

That’s right, I got MY OWN discount code! Seriously people, I have MOVED UP in the world!

Do it!

As for where I am going to hang this UH-MAZING print, in my staircase. The back wall that you can see from downstairs as well as upstairs.



The question I keep getting asked is “Why, why, WHY??”

It’s for work.  That’s right. I have an actual job. (I’m quite fond of it too…the job, NOT WINDOWS)

Hating Windows so far:
 1. instantly changed the display colors.  Like from brilliant colors to pastels. GAG.
 2. can’t figure out how to turn off my track pad sensitivity while typing…so I will be typing a sentence and all of the sudden be at the top of the page typing in the middle of a word. HATE.
 3. files are missing. Sure, maybe not Window’s fault, but I can blame ALL I WANT.
 4. fixing my brain to use ctrl button instead of the command button. SUCKS.
   (and so you know, I typed that 3 times because I kept getting thrown into other paragraphs or other programs….sorry for the random violent tweets…It’s Windows, not me.) 
 5. scrolling is at hyper speed. I want to scroll down…BAM, I’m at the bottom of the trenches. I want mid section – wait a minute….It takes 462 tries – as long as I touch the track pad in the right spot…at the right time…when the sun is perfectly aligned with house…only on Tuesdays….
 6. Oh and I’m pretty sure I already have a virus.
 7. its all dumb and different

Missing my Mac OS.

Outlook is nice though.

PS – If any of you tell Steve Jobs about this, I will cut you. Or unfollow you. Or something.

And you know you don’t want that….cuz I’m all sorts of important.

PSS – My husband (@bryanmcnerd) the techie after reading this said to me ”you’re an idiot”

Every few years I fight with the whole family for a few weeks leading up to this event we dress nicely (or at least we match), comb our hair and put on our bestest smiles for a couple family pictures. This year, we spent a good 2.5 hours taking pictures in the FREEZING cold weather! It was SOOOO worth it.

We have a great new friend, who calls herself a ‘beginner’ photographer….well, if she’s a beginner, then she has a HUGE future! Her name is Roxie and her business name is Mueller Photography (please let me know if your interested in her contact info). She is in the Redding/Anderson, CA area.

Here are a few of our favorites!

She makes us look soooo PRETTY!!!  ;o)

We did!

I’m serious!!

Teehee, why for??  Well, during our little family photo shoot before Christmas, we decided to have some fun.  We are kinda nerdy when it comes to Apple products.  We have….well, at least 1 of everything, even the Best Laptops for writers for our family members!  Our kids (6 year old & 9 year old) can have a full on conversation with you about apps, itunes, why they want 2nd gen iPads & the pro’s & con’s of each iPod. And watch this, we can control our Apple TV with every other Apple device in our house… Hey look…our iPhoto library is scrolling through as our “screen saver” on our TV….. that is SOOO AWESOME!

I thought those were normal conversations.

My bad.

Anyhooooo….we are a nerdy family!

For fun, we all have different Apple products, I have a unibody MacBook Pro, Brayden has a 2nd gen iPod touch, Lexi has Bry’s iPhone 4 & Bry has an iPad…..

My purpose in emailing this to Mr. Jobs was simply for giggles.  Hopefully it will lift his spirits a bit while he is out…He is a brilliant man whom we hope returns back to work healthy and happy soon!

We are praying for you Steve!

You. Complete. Me.

Before you came into my life, I was lost.  I have always been a resourceful person, but I had so many limitations such as signal strength, battery life & my genuine animosity of making phone calls.  The smaller screen and ugh…do I need to mention all the little buttons…let alone the little wheel that had the most annoying delay when scrolling in a website…  But the Blackberry Curve did serve me well, because it was the best I could have in that part of Idaho.  Believe me, I wanted you the minute you were announced, but AT&T wasn’t an option for me.

I managed to get my hands on an original iPod Touch.  That made my life a bit easier, in addition to adding hours of playing games to my life.  Ohhhh…the App store, be still my heart.  I mentioned earlier that this was an “original” Touch….which means NO SPEAKER.  FOR THE LOVE….So my life went like this….I carry around my Blackberry for obvious phone related purposes.  I also carry around the iPod for all other purposes such as music (with headphones of course, flippin no speaker…ugh), games (did I mention the App Store?), maps (no…it did not have a compass…), well I guess I can’t even mention maps because they were only helpful if I was connected to wifi…, movies, and other things that truly helped my life.

Poor, poor Blackberry.  I used to think it ruled the world.  It was a great phone, until I met you!  Blackberry even tried to compete with the App Store by releasing their own App Store…so sad!  :o(  Don’t laugh, it was a feeble attempt to compete…they did try.  When the Blackberry Storm came out, I thought I would lose you or my chance of getting you forever.  They brought a touch screen into the Blackberry world, but again, it was a feeble attempt….

Here I am carrying around 2 (count them….T – W – O) devices….WHO DOES THAT?  I have a place in my purse for my phone, but where do I put the iPod.  What if someone challenges me to a Tap Tap Revenge game and I don’t have my iPod…or even worse, what if they challenge me and I DON’T HAVE HEADPHONES!!!  Could you even imagine…

The camera, again, so sad.  I love taking pics at random locations and uploading to Facebook or Twitter.  My poor, poor Blackberry camera, it was so hmmm….not good!  Should I mention SLOW?  Especially with the Twitter App that Blackberry offered….EVERY PICTURE was threatening me it was going to shoot up to Twitter…ya, think about that.  EVERY PIC!  Believe you me….there are just some pics that you don’t want the world to see!  Oh geesh…get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking pics like when I am at the computer store asking Bry what battery backup he wants me to buy…OR, or, or when I am at Best Buy and I need to know which HDMI cable to buy….these are the things that are not what the world needs to see from me.

So, a few things had to change in my life for you to be able to be a part of it.  My location, my husband and you had to be released!  My location changed abruptly.  That was a sad move, but it did bring me closer to you.  My hubby, well, that was easy.  Since AT&T was a better provider here, he was convinced when the NEW you came out, we would be “IN”.  June 8th was approaching which is a big day for Apple Geeks, my husband in that category.  He is speculating the NEW YOU….also speculating that you would be availalbe in July.  TWO WEEKS….you were out in 2 weeks.  We pre-purchased and we ready to roll.

June 19, 7am, we saunter into the AT&T store.  Ya, we walk right past all those who didn’t pre-purchase…  The guy hands us our new iPhones.  I hit the App Store almost immediately.  I only downloaded the necessary Apps until I can get home to sync with iTunes.  Starbux Locater, a MUST.  Using my location, it maps all the Starbucks near me.  I check out the compass, holy heck it is cool!  I start up Google Maps and search for iHop (thought it was better to write it that way for this post), map it, using my location, with the compass, it shows us how to get there, ACCURATELY.  I complete the first several levels of Sally’s Spa while at breakfast.  Yes, I am still social….you just might have to poke me in the eye to get my attention!

You were naked.  I felt a little bad about that.  Not because you were embarrassed, but because I tend to throw phones around.  Not intentionally, but they just seem to slip out of my hands at incredible speeds and sometimes hit the ground with force.  Your nakedness makes you too vulnerable.  I can’t have that.

We leave the house, using Google Maps, you take us to the Mall at Millenia.  While driving, I Shazam the song on the radio.  I connect to the iTunes store and purchase a new song.  I update my status on Twitter and Facebook.  I take a quick video of the kids in the back seat, as well as a few still shots.  I choose NOT to upload those the Facebook.  I check movie times with Flixter.  I use Urban Spoon to see where we should eat.  I even landed a few planes in Flight Control (my high so far is 72).  I check my Stocks.  I can even make a Skype call if I didn’t want to use my minutes.  I check out Pandora Radio to see what they have on my stations, all while driving…well riding!!!  We get to the mall and check out the Apple Store for accessories, walking past the 50+ people in line trying to buy the new iPhone.  Bry finds a belt clip, but I didn’t find the perfect outfit for you.  We leave.  We map our drive to the nearest Great Clips.  The boys needed haircuts fiercely.  Oh dear…what is this next to the hair cut place….a SUSHI restaurant.  What better way to kill time that to eat Sushi.  Mmmmm….Yummy!

Your outfit awaits.  We walk down to the AT&T store, ya, how about that.  Hair cut place, sushi and AT&T store in the same strip mall.  Beautiful.

I start looking and your gorgeous, eye catching, slim fitting, feature complimenting, sleek 2 piece outfit jumps off the shelf and into my hands.  I put you on and you SMILE!  It was a perfect match.  You immediately look even more beautiful, as well as SAFER!

I actually feel SAFER with you in my pocket.  I know, I know, you really didn’t spend much time in my pocket, but point being, I am safer with you.

You are a phone, a map, a GPS, an online communicator, a compass, a level, an advisor, an entertainer, and ALL MINE….you really do COMPLETE ME!