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Time heals all wounds…blah blah blah

Today marks 1 year.

Old cars make me sad.

Fishing makes me sad.

Flea markets make me sad…and feel dirty..

Broncos make me sad.

Ice cream makes me sad.

Watching the BSU football games makes me sad.

These are just a FEW of the things my dad LOVED.

He was too young. He had BIG dreams. He wanted to be a captain of a boat and take people on guided fishing trips off the Florida Coast. He would have been a GREAT boat captain.

I love you dad.



You will always be the James Dean I remember!!






I finally Hung the Canvas o’ Awesome!

Remember way back….WAY back….like March or so….I entered this killer contest by @sthrnfairytale.

I won that contest. YAY ME!


I won a 16 x 20 Canvas Print (which I upgraded to a 30×24 cuz..well, duh) by Canvas Press which then offered people a discount code of 10% off called JENN10 (YA, I totally got my OWN discount code at a REAL place!).

I’m such a BIG deal!

Well, since my house has been under construction since the day we moved in, I hadn’t haven’t wouldn’t didn’t had not (please send english teacher to help me) hung this print of AWESOME because I wanted to figure out the very best location.

I was waiting this whole time to paint the back wall of my staircase….


My mother-in-law was over the other day.

Her: why haven’t you hung that picture?

Me: Cuz the back wall of the staircase is dirty and gross and needs to be painted

Her: Hang it next to the brick fireplace.

Me: Ummm, we don’t want people to walk into our house and that be the first thing they see. Won’t people think we are dumb and arrogant??

We are certainly not pompous people who flaunt our Apple products….that often….

She INSISTED that it would look great and would NOT make us look like IDIOTS.

So, I hung it up. And I LOVE it.

It kind of looks like it was supposed to be next to the brick!




I guess it’s not the FIRST thing you will notice when you walk in the front door. Maybe that will be our garage sale tables…??? ;o)

What do you think?

Her Reaction!

My heart melted!

This is my girl. Her surprise when she got home from camp. A new room!

I had a moment today that was a mix between heartache and amazement. It was over a trampoline.

No, I did not master the post-childbirth ability to bounce….

I was working in the back yard today, planting flowers and stuff. I went to a section to get some dirt and saw the trampoline sitting there in a pile. I decided right then to stop what I was doing and put the trampoline together.

You see, it was 2 years and 1 month ago that our lives where flipped upside down and I got on an airplane and NEVER went back to my home in Idaho. My husband and kids where left with everything to do and everything to take care of. It was April 2nd 2009, and my dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He lived in Florida.

Bry (the husband) had to make a bunch of decisions. He started packing He hired a moving truck and had our entire home in Idaho packed up and moved to a storage unit in California, where his mother and brother had just been diagnosed with cancer as well.

Just days before the moving truck arrived at the house, Bryan took apart the trampoline. The kids were very emotional about it. They realized at that moment how real everything was. They were being uprooted from everything they knew.

School, church, friends, life.

Since that day, we have lived in 5 different places and drug that pile of trampoline parts to each location… (except Florida)

Today I rebuilt that trampoline. (yes, all by MYSELF!)

These two were overflowing with joy today as they bounced. For hours.

They made it through the last 2 years barely asking any questions. Through the loss of 2 grandparents. Through 5 moves, 2 of those being in RV’s… Feeling like yo-yo’s, with no place to call home. No backyard to call their own. They made it through it, smiling almost the whole time.

We (hubs and I) were emotional roller coasters.

But today, 2 years and 1 month later….we have a new place to call home. We are together and stronger than ever.

*SIDE NOTE* This trampoline is the very same trampoline that I grew up jumping on here in Northern Cali. So, if you are one of those philosophical types…you might say…what goes around comes aroundor what goes up must come down…it has come full circle!

They don’t make trampolines like this anymore!

Mom’s, Puppies & Lemonade….

They gave me Mother’s Day. The newbie blogger. *I secretly think they are trying to sabotage me.* BUT WAIT….MAYBE, just maybe, they were being really smart because most people are doing special spoily kinda stuff on Mother’s Day like getting pedicures and going to brunch…not sitting in front of a computer reading stuff…. Right?…don’t all mom’s go to brunch on Mother’s Day? So, maybe Christine & Nadia were the brilliant gals who thought…”hmmm…let’s give the new girl the day where everyone is busy….” *Maybe they are NOT actually trying to sabotage me!!*

Well then, now that I feel much less pressure…let’s move on! This post is about puppies. Not really, but my son, whom just turned 7 informed me that ALL GIRLS like puppies! And I figure mostly girls are going to read this.

There! (I have no idea about protocol from stealing pics from the internet, so click here for the link to where I found this pic) I probably shouldn’t be allowed to have my own website. I am bound to break a law or 12.

It’s ok, you can click the back button and go back to something more interesting. I don’t blame you.

I almost forgot!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t want kids. For YEARS. Ask Jenny on The Spot, she’ll tell ya! Kids scared the EVERYTHING out of me! They are little and leaky as babies and then they start talking back and running away from you.

I thought I would be fine with a cat. But that honeymoon period only lasted a bit, and then it started to gross me out. So I threw her away.

Guess one kid couldn’t hurt. Ok, 2 kids, but THAT’S it. He wanted a bakers dozen.

Not from me dude. Find yourself a sister-wife or something if you want any more than 2.

I wanted a girl kid REALLY bad. I was into dance & gymnastics as a kid, so I wanted a girl to live vicariously through her…. just kidding…. (gosh, tough crowd)

I got my girl! She was born on Christmas Eve in 2001.

And then….a couple years later, this happened.

One girl, one boy. Done! Perfect!

I was done for a few different reasons.

  • I only have 2 hands. Figure 1 kid on each hand, if I had a 3rd kid….how in the heck would I hold his/her’s hand in a parking lot?
  • Twins are EVERYWHERE in my family and hubs family. Wasn’t risking going from 2 to 4….
  • In reality, I actually already had 3 kids at this point…cuz let’s face it, the husband is just another kid, albeit taller and the bacon bringer home’r

Those were/are my reasons…so don’t think I’m all judgy about people who have more kids! Those people are UH-MAZING, I just couldn’t do it!

Shortly after having these kids, I realized just how much POWER I have!

I also realized as a mom I was pretty strict. My kids will eat what we eat at all meals, they will be kind and respectful and fun. I say NO a lot. I might not even let them finish their sentence and I have already said NO. I know….I am a MEAN mom. Jerk. Its ok, I am. But, I am really trying to get better. I still don’t allow play-doh, but thats what hubby is for, they do all those things that I say NO to when I’m not around!

Lexi is 9 and a half and Brayden just turned 7. They ROCK my world.

Lexi is ridiculously smart and FUNNY…..SO FUNNY, she has this dry quick witted humor that often leaves my jaw-dropped.

Brayden is sweet, smart and athletic. I am told by every mom who works in the class (I’m the bad mom who rarely EVER helps in the class) that Brayden is the most thoughtful boy they have ever met! That makes my heart melt.

These kids deserve a way better mom! So, for them, I am trying to be better! The fun mom who sometimes actually says yes.

So, the other day, they asked a HUGE question. I said YES and I WISH I could have gotten a picture of their faces, to be honest, Lexi already started her rebuttal before she realized I actually said YES.

I let them set up a lemonade stand at the end of the driveway.


In many ways, they had TONS of customers (they made $20 and sold each cup for a quarter…so ya, figure that out!)

That day, they thought I was the ABSOLUTE BEST MOM ON THE PLANET!!

I totally won that day!

I wish this post had some deep rooted point, but it really doesn’t. I always tell people I don’t really do ‘mommy blogging’ because I don’t think I’m a great mom. First of all, I am certainly NOT old enough to be a mom (I’m still 25, right?) & I certainly don’t feel even remotely mature enough to be a mom (just ask ANY of my nieces or nephews…) BUT, I have amazing kids. Like I said earlier, they deserve better. And since I am not willing to give them away, I better do what I can to be that better mom!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the AMAZING moms out there and ALSO to all the moms like me who are just trying to keep their kids fed and dressed and even occasionally brush their hair before they get on the school bus (OH MY GOSH, is that why some of you moms homeschool?). Anyhooo….we deserve props too!


I was approached last month to be a part of the May Mom Blog Hop put together by Christine & Nadia. Thank you ladies for this invite, I was incredibly excited and overwhelmed….and will TOTALLY understand if you cross me off your list for next time! ;o)

Each day a new blog post is written, see the previous posts below:
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Respect, Appreciation and Love by Christine
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Tomorrow’s post will be from Jana at The Bees Knees so make sure you check it out!

Ninjas & puppies! Sweet or Smart?!?

He is a SWEET kid. I know all moms say that, but today I win!

TODAY, my baby boy is 7. He cares more about others than most adults do! He ADORES his big sister. He still sits on my lap ANY chance he gets. He lights up when his dad tells him he played a GREAT baseball game.

I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted me to make for his class.

HIM: “most people like chocolate.”
Me: “but what do YOU want?”
Him: “well, most people like chocolate but my friend Talle can’t have chocolate so make sure you make both chocolate and vanilla.”

I asked him how he wanted them decorated.

Him: “hmm…I think you should stick toothpicks in them, and put little Lego ninja’s on the ones for the boys and puppies for the girls”.

I stopped everything I was doing and looked at him and said “What? Puppies? Where did that come from?”.

He said, in a bit of an embarrassed tone, “What? All girls like puppies!”

My sweet boy. Chocolate….vanilla….toothpicks…ninja’s & puppies…. (to meet all his criteria…)

And then it hit me….


The PUPPIES are for the LADIES!

I know…I’m in trouble! ;o)

Happy 7th birthday to my AWESOMELY handsome, sweet, smart, athletic little stud!! I love you kid!!!

Mmmk, so here is the dealio! A few months back (or last month?) I came across a blog (Canvas Press Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giveaway) by one of my fav ROCKSTAR bloggers @sthrnfairytale. I was all, “well, ya, duh, of course I WANT THAT!” But I never win things, so I commented, tweeted, begged, blew kisses….did EVERYTHING I could to get entered.

DUDES….(obviously you know this by now…) but I WON!!! (yah, that gets 3 exclamation points!)

So, after I FREAK out and FAINT calm my nerves, I announce it to EVERYONE I know, as well as random strangers in my path.

I won a 16×20 print, including shipping. It was a value of $119.39. Be still my heart.

So, guess what I did. Yup. I UPGRADED!!!!! I ordered a 30×24 because of the photo (taken by the FABULOUS Roxi Mueller) I selected. I *might* have to build a wall to put it on, but hey, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

*DISCLAIMER: Prior to seeing the post by Southern Fairytale, I had no idea how I wanted to display this picture of my family! It was too different for just a frame! It needed something special!

It came TODAY.

I.   Can.     Barely.       Breathe.

The photo I chose is the Apple pic that I actually sent to Steve Jobs! Yes, we are all holding different Apple products, but that is NOT what this post is about.

I just died.

Again.    (LOOOOVVVVEEEE this print, SOOOO much!)

Check out the wrap!

IT’S SOOOO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!! (oh wait, that’s from a movie…)

Anyhoooo, I am soooo unbelievably happy with this print, AND I want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND CANVAS PRESS to EVERYONE on the planet! So, in honor of this post, Canvas Press has created a SPECIAL promo for you all. So, go (RIGHT NOW) and order a print from them. In the checkout area, enter the PROMO Code “JENN10″ for a special 10% off.  BOOM!

That’s right, I got MY OWN discount code! Seriously people, I have MOVED UP in the world!

Do it!

As for where I am going to hang this UH-MAZING print, in my staircase. The back wall that you can see from downstairs as well as upstairs.


Who STOLE my lounge chair?

The sun has been out for a few days now. I decide its time to start cleaning up the back yard….aka entertainment zone. As I look around, the amount of work is overwhelming….mowing, fertilizing, tree trimming, weed pulling, repairs, de-greening the pool, setting up the pool chai…UMMMM….




Me: “BRRYYYY, do you know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Bry: “Uhhh, no!”

Me: “KIIIIDDDSSSSS, do YOU know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Kids: “Uhhh…..what chair? why? whattya mean? huh?”

I check the back yard. I check the back-back yard. I check the front yard. I check the garage. The shed…..The living room……. Google Earth shows it was here last summer:

I’m baffled…..the kids think a chair has literally been stolen. But whhyyyy would someone just take ONE chair….nah….that can’t be it.






Betcha it’s at the bottom of the green pool!


Well….that was exciting! Wonder what else we will find at the bottom of the pool. Good news is we decided it was time to clean the pool, so as I write this post, we are ALMOST able to see the 2nd step of the pool. So, by tomorrow, we JUST might be able to see the bottom.

*fingers crossed for no more treasures at the bottom*

Epic battle of the noodles. (pool noodles)

I can’t NOT post this! The moms left for just 30 minutes. This is what took place while we were away!

These are our great friends who are visiting us from Idaho. The husbands thought pics and video would be fun. Using only iDevices (teehee)! Pics and videos were recorded with an iPhone4 and then the video was created with iMovie on the iPad2.

Well done husbands!


A Cruise with my own Paparazzi!

I was invited on a little trip. Just a simple little cruise to the Bahamas.

I had to weigh the pro’s & con’s. I only had one con. My husband was not invited.

But he put the phone call on speaker and said “Absolutely YES, I should go.” How could I argue with that! ;o)

4 day/5 night cruise from Port Canaveral, FL to the Bahamas on the Carnival Sensation. Heeeeerrrrreeeeee we go!

I wasn’t sure what this trip was going to entail since I was with my mom, an aunt, uncle, a boatload of cousins I had never met, my sister, her boyfriend…..and…..their hair stylist!

Yep, that’s right, they brought their HAIR STYLIST.

With such a large crowd, we didn’t need to all do the same stuff all the time, so I ended up spending some much needed time with my sister. With my sister came the boyfriend and the hair stylist. Sis & boyfriend were all cute and cuddly, that left me roaming the boat & the Bahamas with the hair stylist whom was MALE.  Awkward…..right….NOPE, not at all, wanna know why???



It was a BLAST!

We decided from the very beginning we were adding a special ‘dynamic’ to our trip. Picture Crashing. We jumped in MANY other peoples family pictures. We attacked random strangers and took pictures with them. We took advantage of as many opportunities as possible…. WE…HAD…FUN!

Here is my mom, my sister & her boyfriend.

He (Adam, the boyfriend) didn’t get the memo that we were picture crashing OTHER peoples pictures. NOT our own!

Here are a few complete strangers we found along the way….

I crashed the comedy show stage….

I sort of attacked the cruise director…..TWICE….

Fun times OFF the boat…just stepped off the boat with my sis & mom….we look soooo full of attitude!

We went to Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and had a TON of fun….we learned that there was a suite that used to be owned by Michael Jackson that now gets rented out for $25,000 a night. MJ is inspiring! ;o)

The fabulous cartwheel picture…

I have umpteen million more pictures…..but I think your eyes are likely bleeding by now. I will close with one more picture. Me and my momma. Mom, you are the VERY BEST and I can’t  thank you enough for such an AMAZING trip. I LOVE you TONS and cannot wait for our next trip!

Ok, I lied….just one more picture….

Are you ready for this????

Love you sister!!