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Archive for the ‘ Summer Fun ’ Category

Oh….how we have been BUSY.

From camping to beach housing to laking to swimming to visiting with friends to yard working…. oh wait… one of these is not like the other….

B. U. S. Y.

Like you. Everyone I talk to is busy. It’s summer. Time to do everything. Twice.

Apparently Yes is the new No.

Ok, maybe I am the one who keeps saying Yes.

But guess what I’m NOT doing.


That’s right. I haven’t done laundry in WEEKS. Why?

Because of this.

My closet broke. My laundry bin is UNDER that giant pile.

So, we have avoided the closet. When we run out of clothes we will deal with this situation.

Thankfully it’s summer. We can virtually live in bathing suits. Occasionally, we throw something on over the swimwear. But that’s usually only for a short period of time. (you know, like a 2 hour church service, or…. actually I can’t really think of any other example…)

A towel is proper cover up, right?

At one point, the husband said he wanted to throw everything in the closet away and start over. I’m hoping he was serious.

I do see the near future involving us being unable to leave our house. And we might not be able to invite you over.

That, my friend, is when we will all be sitting around playing bingo. Yes, that’s right. BINGO.

Why, you ask?


1 – I don’t need clean clothes in order to play online games
2 – It’s NOT Facebook
3 – It totally has the word CHEEKY in the name
4 – Who doesn’t like BINGO?
5 – It’s NOT Facebook!

Preface: We overbooked a few weeks this summer but CHOSE not to back out of any of it.

A quick Friday afternoon to Sunday morning camping trip.

It’s only 50 miles away. But it will take at least 3 hours to get there.

I need a drink for this drive.


Giant love hearts. *swoooon*

One more quick stop, to “top off” the propane tank. That was already full. And we missed the minimum 5 gallon purchase sign. AT $3.47 a gallon.

That was an expensive top off.

Then we drove.

and drove.

aaannnndddd drove.

Around the lake.

For like ever.

And then we arrived.

A meadow in the middle of nowhere the trees. A little flat opening begging for tents and campers. No sign of the lake that we just drove around for HOURS.

No cell signal.

No electricity.

No toilet.

Again, no sign of the lake.

But there were bears.

I can do this.


We had a GREAT time. We laughed, we rode bikes, rode quads, played card games, shot BB Guns, paint ball guns…

Time to rush home.

Commence 3+ hour drive home.

We broke down.

Notice the CLIFF on the left side.

And the MOUNTAIN on the other side.

Enter MacGyver.

The dude has brains.


After about 45 minutes or so, he got the truck running, with fear of it shutting off again, we BOLTED. Driving like mad around this bumpy, windy, scary dirt road.

Did you hear the BUMPY part?

We hit a bump a bit too hard. Huz says “UH OH.”

With the fear of the truck shutting off, we are in super frenzy mode to check the bikes on the bike rack.

This is what they looked like at the beginning of the trip.

They did NOT look like this anymore. They where on the ground.

Giant metal hitch mount rack = broken.

In lightening speed, we unhooked and untangled all the bikes, stuffed them all inside the camper and jumped back in the truck.

We made it home.

Just in time to shower, re-pack the 8yo and drive him up to his bible camp and race back a dinner party.

I forgot what I was coming home to.

Just before we left, the closet broke. Again.


Current truck status: 98% fixed – turns out the alternator died.

Current bike status: 70% ok

Out of 4 bikes….

- one bent wheel
- one severed brake line
- one destroyed drink holder

Current closet status: 12% worse

Time to pack for the next trip.


Apparently I’m “THAT” Mom….

Yep. “That” kind of mom.

I really hope I don’t look as trashy in real life as I often FEEL.

We went “camping” last weekend. I put camping in quotes because we drove approximately 15 minutes from our house to a swanky RV Resort. With a swanky pool and a SPA. No, not the hot tub, which they has as well. A SPA…as in mani’s & pedi’s.


We had a GREAT time. Just hanging out with some good friends.

Dave even got us matching shirts & hats to celebrate our trip..

But the magic happened on the 2nd day… when my confidence was at its high.

Dude. I work out. I’m like fit in stuff. ISH. (I like to add ‘ish’ to the end of words in order to make them apply better.)

You play basketball…ya, well I can too.

You play football….ya, well ME TOO.

You can ride a RIP STIK…. Uh, duh….MEEE TOOOOO.

Oh wait…..

This little evil board of death only has 2, that’s right,
T-W-O WHEELS. And it’s all TWISTY in the center.


Do you really think that stopped me?

The crash was spectacular.

Some day I will learn to act my age.

Which also means some day I will accept my 30-something-ish age.

Some. Day.

It’s possible when that day comes upon me, I will be able to lay on my right side again.

Oh, that will be fantastic!


This is sort of about Rob. He is from Pennsylvania. He’s a really fun & wild dude. He’s in the pic below (far left). 

Rob said “buddy”, “Brooklyn” & “ya” a lot in his super cute east coast accent!

Oh, and he’s my sisters boyfriend.

Rob had NEVER been to California before.

We had 3 short days with Rob…and my sister & mom…but again, this is kind of about Rob.

So, we felt it was OUR job to give him just a taste of the “California” experience in just 3 days. And, just in Redding, CA.




Here is a list of the things we did:

  • Swam
  • Played xbox
  • Made extravagant meals
  • Layed Out
  • Had a party
  • Went to a vineyard
  • Ate Sushi
  • Went to a day spa (at my Niece’s cosmetology school)
  • Ate at Kobe Steakhouse
  • Ate at In-n-Out Burger
  • Went to Shasta Lake
  • Went wakeboarding A LOT
  • Went to a Yogurt Bar
  • Convinced Brayden to wakeboard
  • Went to Chuck-e-Cheese (Rob & Jaub BEGGED)
  • Went to Need 2 Speed Indoor Racing (the only thing Bry beat Rob at!)
  • Bribed Brayden to pull out his loose tooth

In all that excitement, I managed only to grab photos of us wakeboarding.

A good time was had by ALL!

Rob’s job was to do tricks.


He even talked Brayden into jumping on his wakeboard!

Our job was to look pretty!

We did pull out a few tricks for our audience though!!!

We all survived.

We are all very SORE.

One last shot before I sign off….Rob made a little deal with Brayden. If he could pull out his tooth BEFORE dad got on the boat, he would give him $30. Yes, THIRTY DOLLARS.


Thanks Rob & Jaub!!!

What a GREAT long weekend!!


Who STOLE my lounge chair?

The sun has been out for a few days now. I decide its time to start cleaning up the back yard….aka entertainment zone. As I look around, the amount of work is overwhelming….mowing, fertilizing, tree trimming, weed pulling, repairs, de-greening the pool, setting up the pool chai…UMMMM….




Me: “BRRYYYY, do you know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Bry: “Uhhh, no!”

Me: “KIIIIDDDSSSSS, do YOU know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Kids: “Uhhh…..what chair? why? whattya mean? huh?”

I check the back yard. I check the back-back yard. I check the front yard. I check the garage. The shed…..The living room……. Google Earth shows it was here last summer:

I’m baffled…..the kids think a chair has literally been stolen. But whhyyyy would someone just take ONE chair….nah….that can’t be it.






Betcha it’s at the bottom of the green pool!


Well….that was exciting! Wonder what else we will find at the bottom of the pool. Good news is we decided it was time to clean the pool, so as I write this post, we are ALMOST able to see the 2nd step of the pool. So, by tomorrow, we JUST might be able to see the bottom.

*fingers crossed for no more treasures at the bottom*

Epic battle of the noodles. (pool noodles)

I can’t NOT post this! The moms left for just 30 minutes. This is what took place while we were away!

These are our great friends who are visiting us from Idaho. The husbands thought pics and video would be fun. Using only iDevices (teehee)! Pics and videos were recorded with an iPhone4 and then the video was created with iMovie on the iPad2.

Well done husbands!