My 9yo asked me for a pen today. Seems a simple request, right? Wrong.

You see, I got is new purse from my mom. My husband strongly disagrees with me calling it a purse. He considers it more like a carry-on suitcase. But I can’t NOT use it, it meets all my favorite requirements: its designer (Dooney & Bourke), it’s from Disney & it’s CUTE!

Size DOES matter friends!

I LOVE this bag, LOVE IT!!

But friends…

It has become quite the problem.

Today I was asked for a simple writing utensil.

I. Couldn’t. Find. One.

But, here are a few of the items I did find:

A notebook
A tape measure
Multiple design magazines
A bible
A nikon camera lens
A deck plan of a carnival cruise ship
An iPad
A razor handle…so not even useful in those important times….
Eyeliner..empty….so again, not even useful
Empty candy & chip bags
Starburst (duh!)
And of course the normal stuff, my wallet, 2 pairs of sunglasses, eyeglasses, 4 tubes of lip gloss, chapstick, a hairbrush, headphones…..

See!! See my wallet? That is what fits into a normal purse. Maybe the wallet and sunglasses. And lip gloss.

But, I have to admit, after a HUGE search…. I did find something that made my 9yo happy.

So what if it’s from IKEA.

Wait, are we supposed to return those?


*I’m considering starting a new game. For myself as well as GUESTS! What’s in Mom’s Purse? could be a spectacular new catagory!! Would you want to participate??

I once had a McDonald’s cheeseburger in my purse for multiple days. True story.