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Archive for the ‘ About Me ’ Category

No really!

I actually did!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately, since I decided I was going to put some serious thought and consideration into my future. Not that you all aren’t my future….


See, contemplating….

Actually….this was the very photo I posted just after I took my California Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

Thats right people…..I’m a Real Estate Agent!


And today, yes, TODAY, I signed my contract with The Real Estate Group.


I am soooooo excited I can barely control myself…..

I do cartwheels everywhere. Oh wait…I did that before….

I still don’t know why it took me 20 something years to figure out how much I enjoy looking at other peoples houses….



The Simple.

I painted my nails.

I NEVER paint my nails. My nails are like tools. I open things, I scrape things, I poke things…they are handy. Like having my own little Swiss Army Knife with me at all times.

The husband says I look more like a girl when I paint them though. I even added glitter. It’s like a party on my fingertips.

The Awesome.

Banana Cream Pie.

It is NO secret that I LOOOVVEEEE banana cream pie. So, I bought myself one.

It’s my birthday week.



No, I did not eat all that pie. Those other people in my house keep eating it.

I’m officially unemployed. I friend on twitter recommended that I post about my dream job. You see, there are things I am actually fantastic at, so I decided to make a list:

  • Vacationing – I am really good at relaxing and enjoying tropical places.


  • Eating Gourmet Meals – I am excellent at eating good food.
  • Coffee – Just check my Klout score if you don’t believe me about coffee. I’m THAT good at it.
  • Twitter – Sure, I am not the “best” but I am getting pretty darn good at the twitter.
  • Shopping – Yes.
  • Shoes – Classy, hot and HIGH. or Uggs. Not Fuggs.
  • Cartwheels – Maybe I can just be hired to do cartwheels for YOUR business. See the potential there?

  • Blogging – HAHA! Just kidding.

Ok, for reals…my english is stellar, isn’t it! ;o)

1 – I want to write a book. I know this is crazy talk, but I dooooo! So many people have encouraged me. Really, only a few people have laughed at me!

2 – We’ve taken on this old house. It needs a do-over from head to toe. Sure, I blog about it, but seriously, if you were to witness the actual work and learning and LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, it would be spectacular in a few different ways. Reality tv show? ;o)

So there. That’s about it.

Carry on with your norm now. You probably have it all together and know what you wanna do when you grow up.

HAHAHA…..Ok, maybe a few words need to be said. I found this free app called aLike. It says to simply upload your photo and it will show you your celeb look alike.

Fun! I always stumble when that awkward time comes around on FB where everyone puts their gorgeous celeb doppleganger and I pretend to just stay off FB until it passes.

Side note – why isn’t doppleganger a real word?

Ok, back to wordless wednesday.

First result:

Not even sure who this is…nor do I see any resemblance…Oh wait, we both have 2 eyes and a nose!

Next result:

Again, don’t know who this is and see zero resemblance…but I guess we are looking at the camera at about the same angle…??

3rd result:

WHAT? Really? I have officially begun to lose hope in finding my true doppleganger….


There we go….now we were getting somewhere. I look like a man. Not just any man. Isn’t this the creepy dude from Harry Potter or something like that?

Let’s give this ONE more shot:


Ok, ok, ok…..seriously….THIS IS THE LAST TRY:

AGAIN! The ONLY duplication I get. The not necessarily attractive MAN. AGAIN.

I am DONE. This app has now been deleted.

Because it’s stupid.

And you bet I am going to put his picture as my FB profile pic if ‘doppleganger’ week ever comes up again.

Apparently, we have such an incredible resemblance that his photo came up twice. Out of all the BILLIONS of celebrities.

*My self confidence is through the roof right now.

*The above statement is a GIANT lie.

So sorry about misleading you with Wordless Wednesday title. There are only 295 too many words for that to be true. I didn’t mean to do that. I promise.

I love swim suits.

LOVE them.

I normally get them from Victoria’s Secret. *Secretly* hoping they will make me look like their models.

I get their emails. I drool every time I see something from them flash across their screen. (I also have to admit that I struggle with getting ‘appropriate’ suits for my age as well as what I am comfortable wearing around actual real people…what I wear in my backyard when I lay out with my immediate family is an entirely different set of requirements…)

This morning I saw this.


This year I ordered 4 suits from them. The suit featured above is one of them.

Ya. BUT! Mine didn’t come with the jewels… or the awkward pose (seriously awkward, TRY IT, I dare ya!). Or the perfect little body to go with it. Or the long flowing blonde locks… Or the clearance price… Or the…..

False Advertising.

And then we went to the beach over the 4th of July weekend. As usual, I was frolicking around in the sand. Hubs grabbed the camera! I am not daring enough to post pics that show toooooo much…..but this pic turned out pretty awesome IMHO. ;o)


*contemplating really posting the following picture*

Well there.

Take that you perfect little Victoria’s Secret models.



Balancing my Narcissism & Selflessness…

I like the word narcissism.

I makes me laugh.

Because we all are a LITTLE if not absolutely completely over-the-top a lot narcissistic.

Here is the definition of Narcissism: Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving
for admiration.

Hahahaha…..I love the ‘grandiose view of one’s own talents’ part…. If only drinking a latte was a talent…

So, I worry about being too narcissistic yet trying to always be willing to put others first. Tricky eh!

Pictures….I am narcissistic about pictures of myself! I want pictures of EVERYTHING in life… BUT, when I put a picture up, I often edit it, run it through some type of filter or softener….so it’s all purdy and whatnot….but thats even more narcissistic….

ANNNNDDDD….if I am in a picture with a group of people…I make sure I post the picture where I look the best….caring, but not choosing based on what the others look like….. gosh, I’m RUDE!

So, this got me thinkin….I went through my last several blog posts…

I haven’t put a picture of myself up there in a LONG TIME! **Shut up to all of you who follow me on Instagram…or Facebook friends…. That is NOT what this post is about.

So yay, MAYBE I am NOT as narcissistic as I thought.


So the other day, it was really beautiful out….and I needed to wash my car….

Look mom….NO FILTER! ;o)

*taptap* Is this thing on? I’m new here!

I’m new. In the land of bloggers. I still don’t really know what I am doing, but I absolutely LOVE it!

I just learned what a widget is, BOOYAH!

I created a mess of a website 2 years ago when I was at a loss for what to do in life. My perfect little world was shaken to the core when not 1, not 2, but 3 (THREE) immediate family members were diagnosed with cancer within months of each other. I left my cushy little life in Idaho to care for my dad in Florida and then against my will but ONLY FOR MY FAMILY, moved and settled into a new life in here in northern California.

Why the name Jennheffer? My brother couldn’t pronounce Jennifer when I was a baby so it sounded like heffer. My dad called me that all my life until he passed away last year. So, I will keep that nickname alive as long as I can! All for you DAD!

At first I didn’t want to move back in CA, but now I LOVE IT! I need sunshine to breathe!

I’m a nerd. I LOVE TECHNOLOGY but mainly Apple products!

I’m am FULL of energy! Always bouncin around. I don’t walk often, I run! ;0)

I work out. A lot. Because it makes me feel good. That could be why I am bouncy. (P90x Baby!)

I was in gymnastics for years as a child. I do cartwheels everywhere. (Maybe that’s why I’m bouncy??)

I’m spoiled. I have this adorable (smokin hot) husband whom I have been madly in love with since I was 17. I told him I would only move back to CA (I wasn’t totally serious…) if we got a house with a pool and I got a Cadillac CTS (another thing I wanted for my dad, he LOVED Cadi’s). I now have both. *spoiled*

My husband looks like he’s 13.  But HE IS OLDER THAN ME. Yes, I have been called his mom before. I still *STRONGLY DISLIKE* (we don’t use the word HATE in my house) you lady at the movie theater ticket window.

I have a sister who is 11 years younger than me. Yes, people *have* thought her and my husband were the couple and I was the mom. *STRONG DISLIKE*

My mom hands me down her clothes that are too big for her. She’s the size of a glorified blade of grass.

I love Starbucks.  A lot. I also have a fancy smancy espresso machine at home, but I will only use Starbucks espresso roast beans and Starbucks syrups. (This could fall into the spoiled catagory)

I’m funny. I know this because I keep track of everytime someone says ‘lol’ or ‘haha’ and even the occasional ‘bahaha’ to me on twitter or Facebook. So, if you don’t mean it, DON’T SAY IT.

My signature smiley face is this ;o) because I completely lack the ability to wink in real life. My face distorts in a way that only an animal could pull off.

I laugh A LOT! I am super positive and optimistic. I don’t get stressed out. About anything. I believe in God and am thankful that Jesus died for me! Maybe that is why I don’t ever worry.

I love nice shoes. My husband calls me a hoarder when he walks into the closet.

I shop and forget what I bought and find it MONTHS later and SQUEAL like a little girl! Today was one of those days, I found THIS top in my closet and was SUPAH excited…not only cuz it was super cute, but it matches a GREAT pair of shoes!

And finally, yes, I am a mom. I have a girl and a boy whom I adore!

I write about everything. Even the normal is not so normal in this house and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

*PS* – I don’t like chocolate or bacon. Don’t hate me.

Who STOLE my lounge chair?

The sun has been out for a few days now. I decide its time to start cleaning up the back yard….aka entertainment zone. As I look around, the amount of work is overwhelming….mowing, fertilizing, tree trimming, weed pulling, repairs, de-greening the pool, setting up the pool chai…UMMMM….




Me: “BRRYYYY, do you know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Bry: “Uhhh, no!”

Me: “KIIIIDDDSSSSS, do YOU know where my 4th lounge chair is?”

Kids: “Uhhh…..what chair? why? whattya mean? huh?”

I check the back yard. I check the back-back yard. I check the front yard. I check the garage. The shed…..The living room……. Google Earth shows it was here last summer:

I’m baffled…..the kids think a chair has literally been stolen. But whhyyyy would someone just take ONE chair….nah….that can’t be it.






Betcha it’s at the bottom of the green pool!


Well….that was exciting! Wonder what else we will find at the bottom of the pool. Good news is we decided it was time to clean the pool, so as I write this post, we are ALMOST able to see the 2nd step of the pool. So, by tomorrow, we JUST might be able to see the bottom.

*fingers crossed for no more treasures at the bottom*

A Cruise with my own Paparazzi!

I was invited on a little trip. Just a simple little cruise to the Bahamas.

I had to weigh the pro’s & con’s. I only had one con. My husband was not invited.

But he put the phone call on speaker and said “Absolutely YES, I should go.” How could I argue with that! ;o)

4 day/5 night cruise from Port Canaveral, FL to the Bahamas on the Carnival Sensation. Heeeeerrrrreeeeee we go!

I wasn’t sure what this trip was going to entail since I was with my mom, an aunt, uncle, a boatload of cousins I had never met, my sister, her boyfriend…..and…..their hair stylist!

Yep, that’s right, they brought their HAIR STYLIST.

With such a large crowd, we didn’t need to all do the same stuff all the time, so I ended up spending some much needed time with my sister. With my sister came the boyfriend and the hair stylist. Sis & boyfriend were all cute and cuddly, that left me roaming the boat & the Bahamas with the hair stylist whom was MALE.  Awkward…..right….NOPE, not at all, wanna know why???



It was a BLAST!

We decided from the very beginning we were adding a special ‘dynamic’ to our trip. Picture Crashing. We jumped in MANY other peoples family pictures. We attacked random strangers and took pictures with them. We took advantage of as many opportunities as possible…. WE…HAD…FUN!

Here is my mom, my sister & her boyfriend.

He (Adam, the boyfriend) didn’t get the memo that we were picture crashing OTHER peoples pictures. NOT our own!

Here are a few complete strangers we found along the way….

I crashed the comedy show stage….

I sort of attacked the cruise director…..TWICE….

Fun times OFF the boat…just stepped off the boat with my sis & mom….we look soooo full of attitude!

We went to Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and had a TON of fun….we learned that there was a suite that used to be owned by Michael Jackson that now gets rented out for $25,000 a night. MJ is inspiring! ;o)

The fabulous cartwheel picture…

I have umpteen million more pictures…..but I think your eyes are likely bleeding by now. I will close with one more picture. Me and my momma. Mom, you are the VERY BEST and I can’t  thank you enough for such an AMAZING trip. I LOVE you TONS and cannot wait for our next trip!

Ok, I lied….just one more picture….

Are you ready for this????

Love you sister!!

Pig Quiz – How I am defined by a PIG!

I am at a work retreat. In Salt Lake City. Our company is spread all over the US, so we try to get together once a year to learn what everyone in the company is working on and what their specific job entails. We have a few “trainers”. They are AMAZING! They teach, train and CHANGE the world in the corrections industry.

One of the trainers stood up today and said “Get a blank piece of paper, a pen and draw a pig”.  That was our only instruction.

Ooooh, fun! Well, it was until she says “ok, are you done?” after about 36 seconds.

Ya….I had PLENTY of time to draw a pig made of AWESOME.       NOT.

Here is what we got with my VERY limited time.

Well….APPARENTLY this little drawing completely defines me.  Normally I would totally argue that thought…. IRONIC…..

Here is what this says about me:

I drew him at the TOP of the paper therefore I am POSITIVE & OPTIMISTIC.
I drew him in the MIDDLE of the paper therefore I am a REALIST.
I drew him with 4 LEGS showing therefore I am SECURE, STUBBORN & STICK TO MY IDEAS.
The size of his EARS indicates I am a GOOD LISTENER.
The size of the tail indicates something a bit more PERSONAL (…..quality of my sex life……)

So, turns out I can’t argue too much with that little exercise.  It was BRILLIANT.

The reason behind this exercise that applies in our field of work is called responsivity, which is the treatment of people based on their characteristics, not always based on their crime.

I think that ABSOLUTELY applies to my entire life in general, but ESPECIALLY in parenting!