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So, here’s what happened, I see this awesome tweet by CarrieWChildren (who’s like a rockstar blogger, with like badges n stuff…)

I was all ‘awww, sad, nobody wants to help her out???’  BUT WAIT, maybe, JUST maybe I CAN DO IT….**MAYBE**

So I say, “Hey, I love to travel and I’m a pretty good non-professional travel agent n stuff…”

And I wait.

And wait.

I figured this classy gal probably doesn’t even follow lil ol me on twitter…just kiddin, I wasn’t really feeling that sorry for myself.


*read the following at 10x the speed you would normally read* CRAP. What I have done. I have no idea what I am doing. Sure I love to travel, but to write about it?? What was I thinking?  I don’t even really know how to write. I just created a blog to goof around. I’m NOT a blogger…..

Well……here goes nothin! Follow me as we jump over to Carrie With Children and her Travel Tuesday section. We’re talking land, sea and air. Just click the little badge below!


*Gasp* Gettin My Workout On!

I can’t believe I am doing it, but I am writing a post on diet & exercise! Ha! I actually thought the chance of me writing about exercise was about as likely as me actually doing the P90x. Ya, well….apparently I am on a ‘do everything I never wanted to do’ trend cuz I just finished week 1 of the P90x.

So, whats the point of this post. Simple. Working out is easy. And eating healthy is even easier. Our excuses are friggin lame. I have used every excuse in the book, so there probably aren’t many new ones out there. I totally get it if you have a medical condition that prevents you from cardiovascular activity, but that should stop you from eating healthy.

I have always tried to be active. I still play volleyball as if I am in my 20′s. I love to run, not long distances, but my knees don’t dig it, so a couple miles here and there is all I can handle. I have done various types of cardio, but I rarely stick with one. I get bored.

So, I received a phone call January 28th that I was going on a cruise, departing March 20th. I had less than 1 month to shape up. That’s not much notice, but luckily we try to eat healthy and I was already fairly active.

That is when I decided I am going to push myself.  Hard.

Step 1: Food. Figure out how many calories I want to limit myself to each day. Track EVERYTHING that I put into my body.
*I have an iPhone, so I downloaded a couple free FABULOUS Apps, MyFitnessPal & Restaurant Nutrition (We don’t eat out a ton, but LOVE to have all the info at my fingertips of what is my best option at almost every fast food joint)

Step 2: Cardio. I needed to do something each day. Normally I would go for a run, but when the weather didn’t cooperate, I would hit the treadmill. When time was limited, I used this insanely AWESOME program from where you jog/run/walk for a certain number of minutes and it WORKS you! In 20 minutes I could be done with my cardio. Boom!

Step 3: Toning. I love to lay by the pool in a bikini and soak up the sun. I just can’t get enough of it. So, I have a few areas on my body that need some massive toning. My abs (duh), my legs and my bottom. Running and fast paced walking does a great job on my legs and if I work extra hard, it works my bottom too. My abs are another story. I have tried the gym & different videos. No matter what I do, it seems my muscles are super strong, but I am FAR FROM having a 6-pack.

This was all working out well, but I wasn’t sure about what results I was going to get in the 3.5 weeks I had until I board the boat to the Bahamas.

Enter the P90x. A workout at HOME. For 90 days.

I have had this video series for years. I have been strongly encouraged by many different friends to try it….again, for years. I was ALWAYS fearful of this program because I don’t want to look like she-man. I want to look like a nice toned lady. Not like I am about to enter a weight lifting competition. Not my thing.

I am such a blonde!

I just completed week 1 of the P90x and I haven’t feel this fit, worked, toned & healthy in YEARS. Sure, week 1 is far from completing this program, but I am addicted.

Each day is a different workout, which is GREAT for variety. They are long, but I can almost always find an hour to fit it in. It is a FULL body workout. I am not going to lie, I wanted to cry in the beginning….and yes, I almost threw up during Yoga. *snort*

*I need to point out that if you are working out hard, keep track of the calories you are burning, you still need to stay in a healthy zone of calorie intake per day, that is the part I am struggling with. I plan to stock up on protein bars, protein drinks and misc items that are healthy to fill the void!

*Get a workout buddy. Friends or spouses are GREAT, but if you don’t have anyone around you, get an online buddy. I literally entered into a commitment with a couple of girls on twitter, @jayelisson & @ellemmes.

This is an investment that is worth every penny. BREAKING NEWS: Studies prove that health and fitness lengthens your life.


Give it 1 week.

I DARE you!

Question for you: When you feel good about yourself, do you notice it changes your ENTIRE outlook on life?    Your marriage (Oh ya, you know what I’m talking about)?    Your family?

Every few years I fight with the whole family for a few weeks leading up to this event we dress nicely (or at least we match), comb our hair and put on our bestest smiles for a couple family pictures. This year, we spent a good 2.5 hours taking pictures in the FREEZING cold weather! It was SOOOO worth it.

We have a great new friend, who calls herself a ‘beginner’ photographer….well, if she’s a beginner, then she has a HUGE future! Her name is Roxie and her business name is Mueller Photography (please let me know if your interested in her contact info). She is in the Redding/Anderson, CA area.

Here are a few of our favorites!

She makes us look soooo PRETTY!!!  ;o)

I had the funnest an AWESOME conversation yesterday with complete strangers whom are awesomely fun & funny! This post was inspired from said convo between myself (@jennheffer), @shookiesback@csdaley.  Not only did we go back in time, we went WAY back.  I am a child of the 90’s.  I was a child in the 80’s as well, but we were DYING over our 90’s clothing that we used to sport. (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE UNFORTUNATE REQUIREMENT OF SOME TO WEAR WRANGLERS)

This was the Debbie Gibson era.  This was when McHammer was waaaaayyyyyyy Too Legit, Too  Legit to Quit!  And don’t forget Vanilla Ice.  OH YA!  Did you just sing Ice Ice Baby in your head?  Don’t lie.

Here we go…you ready?

This is me and my brother. Now this was in the 80‘s. I think I was kinda cute.

Let’s jump into the 90’s, where big PERMED hair was AWESOME.

That’s me in the chair. We had rules, big hair and ruffles or you can’t be in our picture.

Now we will get to the bulk of the conversation that took place yesterday.

Z-Cavaricci’s  (I had many pairs, in many different colors). This pic is with khaki shorts.

The next pic is made of AWESOME!

So much to POINT OUT!  Lets start with the shoes, not the LA Gears, which I often sported, but these appear to be sweet  Reeboks. Scan slightly north of the shoes….PEGGED pants.

Oh ya!  Do we even need to point out the pattern on the pants?  I didn’t think so.  BUT we should point out that they were indeed official HAMMER PANTS!  Suuuhhhhweeeet!

So, once high school came around, the Z’s lost most of their coolness factor.  New styles and a new me.  Out with the perm, in with straight.  You know who became a BIG deal, Shania Twain. In 95 her music video for Any Man of Mine was a super big deal.

This pic is not only after the great look Shania had, but Z’s tried to make a recovery as well. I have nothing to say about the easter bunny.  I am on the bottom step, in case you were searching for me.

So, where does this leave me today?

Well, after much of this ========>>>>>

I now am blonde and like to party with the Scottish.

And GOSH DARN IT…..People like me.

That pic was sent to my by my GOOOOD friend Kimmay!

Hope you enjoyed my story.

8 Things you NEED to know about ME!

8 TV shows I watch

1 – Glee
2 – 24
3 – CSI – All of them EXCEPT NCIS LA (I want that hour of my life back that I wasted on that premier)
4 – Dexter – I know, I know…but is SOOOO good….
5 – So You Think You Can Dance
6 – American Idol – when it gets to a decent stage – HATE AUDITIONS
7 – House
8 – Friends

8 favorite places to eat and drink – Difficult since we’ve moved so much this year

1 – Market Street Grill
2 – Mary’s Pizza
3 – Logan’s Steakhouse
4 – SUSHI – Almost anywhere…except fast food sushi….
5 – Vitners
6 – Cheesecakes
7 – anywhere that has good food!
8 – that’s all i got!

8 things I look forward to

1 – Traveling – Anywhere!
2 – Warm weather
3 – Summer activities (skiing, wakeboarding, lounging on the lake)
4 – Completing a work out (hate everything up to finishing it)
5 – Date nights with my Hubby (almost 15 years together & I still get the butterflies)
6 – Watching my kids, whether performing on stage or on the field)
7 – Starbucks coffee – DUH!
8 – Vacations

8 things that happened yesterday

1 – Slept in – MLK Day – NO SCHOOL!
2 – Drank some coffee
3 – Worked in my pajamas
4 – Completed a fun document design and submitted it to the big wigs
5 – Drank more coffee
6 – Watched my girl dance at her dance studio
7 – Watched a few episodes of Glee with my neice
8 – Watched the last 2 hours of the 24 premier (I have my opinions on the new characters they’ve added…let’s just say I am NOT happy.)
9 – I know, supposed to be only 8…what are you going to do about it…huh?!?  That’s right, NOTHING – so, number 9 – I stayed up till 2am reading Dear John.  Love this book so far.

8 things I love about winter

1 – Christmas
2 – Presents
3 – Scratch all that….
5 – I HATE being cold
6 – I dislike snow
7 – I don’t like wearing socks…but my feet get cold
8 – But I DO love my Uggs.  (Keep in mind, I speak of actual UGGS, not Wuggs (Walmart Uggs) or any other Fuggs (Fake Uggs))  If you wear them, save up and buy a real pair, you won’t regret it.  They have made it through EVERY type of weather and still look brand new.  They are comfy, unlike the fakeys….

8 things on my wish list

1 – A new car (Cadillac CTS)
2 – A new house (not necessarily brand new, just new to me)
3 – An office in my new house (hubby and I work in our bedroom, a laundry hamper is my partition)
4 – A unibody Macbook Pro
5 – A gigantic monitor so I can have 67 programs running at once and see them ALL!
6 – My dad’s cancer to go away
7 – My brother-in-law to remain in remission for the rest of his life
8 – For cancer to die a slow miserably horrible death and NEVER re-appear


8 things I am passionate about

1 – My family
2 – Jesus
3 – Life
4 – Shopping
5 – Sunshine
6 – Purse’s
7 – My work
8 – Starbucks

8 words I use often

1 – Awesome
2 – Love
3 – NOW
4 – Lame
5 – Dang it
6 – Crap
7 – Ugh

8 things I have learned from the past

1 – Go see the places you want to see – Just do it!
2 – Stick it out – nobody likes a quitter
3 – Admit it when your wrong
4 – Be honest – ALWAYS
5 – Be accountable – not necessary predictable
6 – Love
7 – Learn from others mistakes – we don’t always have to make them ourselves
8 – Live – enjoy today

8 things I want/need

1 – To be loved
2 – To be needed
3 – To make a difference
4 – To truly do good work – whatever it may be
5 – To be fun
6 – To have fun

8 people I want to tag

*Disclaimer – I only know a few of these people personally. The rest – FOLLOW or CLICK at your own risk.  I’ve included them because they have made me laugh, most likely hysterically, at some point in my past.

1 - Jennyonthespot
2 - VodkaLogic
3 - Avitable
4 - Oatmeal
5 - Barefootfoodie
6 - AnissaMayhew
7 - Shaunaglenn
8 - Cancerstrikes

Ok folks now play along. If you aren’t tagged but want to play, either use the comment section or let us know in the comment and I will visit.

Well, it happened today.  I hit my breaking point.  My rock-bottom.  My worst experience of my life.  I didn’t think I would ever write a super downer post, and I’m totally fine if you stop reading RIGHT now.

I have been crying today.  Almost ALL day.

I actually read a blog someone wrote about pulling up to a stop light and looking over at the car next to her and the driver was just crying.  This particular woman looked so broken.  And the writer of this blog beautifully wrote about not knowing her situation but having such compassion.  By the way, if you happen to stumble across this post and you are the author I am referring to, please let me know so I can give you proper credit.

POINT being – TODAY I was that girl.  Sobbing hysterically in the car while driving from the hospital to the house I am currently staying at.  Every stop light I try to hide my face from any other people.

I can barely eat.  I feel so incredibly sick.

I actually feel like my heart is no longer in my body.  Like I am a walking shell that is only useful to fill up space in a very lonely world.  I am of no value except companionship.  Oh awesome…..I am now apparently a dog.

Today is day 24.  24 days that I have been away from my husband and kids.  I am not in the military.  I could never choose a career that would possibly take me away from my home for more than a week at a time.  I’m not just down the road either, I’m across the country.  I’m in Florida.  My family is in California.

I have been busy here with my parents, which helps keep me distracted, but today I broke.  I went through every scenario to determine my actual value here. I looked at airline tickets.

My heart is in California.  With my 7 year old girl named Lexi.

She is a sweet & beautiful little smarty pants.  She is super helpful and independent.

My heart is also with my 5 year old boy named Brayden.

He is unreal!  He’s super handsome and soooo funny and incredibly tender-hearted.  He also loves to snuggle.  He is NOT independent.  He loves to hang out.

My heart is also with my husband.

He stole my heart 14 years ago and I haven’t questioned that for 1 minute of our history!

My perfect husband drove me to the airport on November 1st.  I haven’t seen him since.  He asks me often what the “plan” is.  It seems to change daily.  The big picture is to liquidate all my parents stuff and move them to California to be near us.  Great plan, but next to impossible.  They have soooo much stuff.  Plus we are dealing with a lot of emotions here, NOT including mine.

I am normally seen as the steady headed, honest, common-sense member of the family.

My little boy asks me often on the phone when I am coming home.  One night he was crying for ever on phone trying to understand when I would be home.  He would say “are you coming home tomorrow?”  “The next day?”  And of course they “Buy why not????”  Each word would break my heart a little more.

Today was the end of me.

After a long conversation with my sweet hubby, he tells me last night before bed Brayden asked him if I was EVER coming home.

And that is when my heart actually left my body.