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This, IMG_1540 is my morning coffee. It’s also 11:45am. I JUST WOKE UP.

The kids went back to school today. I went back to bed.

I crawled out of bed around 6:45am to oversee the whole breakfast, lunches thing, hugged and kissed them and gently shoved them out the door in a super loving fashion to catch the bus.

I’m tired and unemployed, so I crawled back in bed around 7:15am.

Now I am drinking my coffee at noon and the kids get out of school in only 2 hours. Oops.


And….It’s my birthday week, so I really can do whatever I want. And make whatever I want for dinner.

Last night I was trying to combine 2 of my favorites to start out the week right. We only made it to the appetizers because it was BY FAR the BEST sushi I have EVER made at home.

Shrimp & Avocado Hand Rolls with Spicy Mayo


So easy!

I sliced up carrots, cucumbers, avocado. Made rice, which I can never find short grain sushi rice, so I just used a long grain and tossed it with a little rice vinegar.

Mix up the most amazing Spicy Mayo ever from my very good friend Marissa’s blog. I linked her recipe for Shrimp, Melon and Cucumber Salad with Spicy Mayo and that whole salad is divine. But, in this case, I only needed the mayo!

Lay the Nori (dried seaweed) out, place rice on first, layer other items & drizzle with spicy mayo, as seen below:

IMG_1538 - Version 2

Roll her up and you got yourself a heavenly little treat.


I couldn’t make them fast enough. The kids ate more than I did!

Tonight we get to enjoy what was supposed to be last nights main course. Teriyaki Chicken w/ Broccoli over rice. It will be delicious too.




Hide yo 10 year olds….


10 year olds.


He likes her, but she like’s a different boy, but his friend said he heard that she told her other friend that she did like him…


I get a text from a sweet friend, “Did you hear about the conversation the kids had today?” (kids being her super smart, driven, sweet son and my daughter)

I respond “Oh crap. NO”

She says “call me…”


He likes her as more than a friend, she likes him too but also thinks she likes someone else but doesn’t really know what it even means to “like” someone. But apparently, being appointed as Queen Hula Hooper of the girls team in their “Hula Hooping Club” is a big deal.

Ya, it makes no sense to me either. But if you try to listen to the explanation of a 10 year old, that’s about how the conversation goes.

So, after the incredibly awkward ‘who likes who’ conversation and the repeated “YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND” chat, we settle into our post school/homework and evening schedule. The kids have a bit of down time before we have to run to a meeting and they choose to play Xbox for a bit.

Well, I am guessing that being smart, cute and witty is a pretty big plus in the 10yo girl world BUT, adding Halo player just makes the boys go crazy.

C. R. A. Z. Y.

My kids (10 & 8) get on Xbox Live, (only allowed to play Live with our good friends/neighbors) and start playing with a friend. Well, that friend happened to have 3 other 10yo boys from school over.

I was listening to all the silly chatter and giggling, yes, from the boys and it was HILARIOUS. The audio was working but they couldn’t hear us, so all we were hearing was them “I can’t hear her. She’s not there. Maybe she can’t hear us. Is she there? Should we call her? Maybe she is calling us?”

After the technical difficulties were worked out…I hear the battling of questions regarding the game…

‘Why did you kill me? Who has the sword? Who is the juggernaut? No, that’s me, don’t kill me…’

After a while, the boys had to stop playing. Shortly after that, the doorbell rings. 2 of those boys wanted to ‘say hi’.

I answer the door.

CUTEST BOYS EVER in their football gear. “Hi, is Lexi here”

Lexi: “Hi”

Boys: “Hi”

Lexi: Silence

Boys: Silence

Me: “So, you on your way to football practice?”

Boys: “ya”

Me: “awesome”

Boys: “ya, we just wanted to say hi”

Lexi: “Hi”

Silence….all around

Me: “Well, nice to see you boys, have fun at football”

Boy: “ok, bye”

As they are walking off the porch, one boy giggles to the other saying “I didn’t know what to say”

See the top right window? Can you picture the fairy tale conversations taking place at night?

Now….where should we put the 10ft tall prison style barbed wire fence?

Hide Yo 10 Year Olds!


Just killin time.

Have you ever been told “I can’t take you anywhere?” I haven’t. I have embarrassed a large number of people, however, never have I been told they didn’t like hanging out with me. Well, at least not to my face.

I was held hostage patiently waiting at a children’s birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese. That’s a nice peaceful place to like….read or somthin.

Or, if you don’t have a book handy….

or just don’t wanna read…

CLEARLY…this is what you do next.

I am simply being a good influence on my niece. She will make excellent choices in life with a little direction from me.

*No children were harmed in the following images. Some *may* have been glared at until they vacated the ride or area WE wanted to play in.

Ooops, dang it.



Missy is a terrible driver. Or, maybe the road was just bumpy.

Does this chair make my butt look big?

LOOK OUT! HAWT FireWOman at 12 o’clock!! (I’m allowed to say that about my niece. She’s 18. And her parents don’t read my blog! I hope!)

Whack A Niece!

Hey look, not a single ticket of my own!

Do these tickets go with my face?

As if you wouldn’t have been doing the EXACT same thing at Chuck-E-Cheese. Pffft.

You should know, although we were at a cute kids birthday party, I didn’t take a single picture of said kid OR even my own kids.

Not one.

Proud parenting moment right there!

Happy Friday!

Funny HAHA, then a Happy Cry

I stumbled across this last night and literally laughed out loud.

I probably laughed a little too much.


*I do not know where this photo originated, therefore I am unable to give proper credit to whomever deserves it…sorry!

Then a good happy cry came when I was quickly scrolling through Facebook, and 2 different well know bloggers posted the same thing…. the fabulously hilarious Cocktail Deeva & the equally fabulous Bored Mommy Blog.

This made my day. It will make yours too.

Caine’s Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

Not so Normal Monday! And a FREE Pedi!

I went out to coffee with some friends this morning since its a school holiday and most of my friends are teachers. We sat at Starbucks and chatted for just over an hour when an decided I better get home to check on the kids…oh and go to work. I didn’t have the day off, I’m still not sure why! Even though I’m not a teacher, I still should get all the same days off that my kids get off…right?

I get home to have my 10 yo say she has a surprise for me. I walk upstairs and she has turned her closet into a day spa!

How cute is that!

So, needless to say, I chose not to go to work but I did sit in that pink fuzzy chair for at least an hour….

and soaked my feet in the warm silky water….

and let her paint many layers upon my toes.

I even got the special post pedi slipper things that are clearly made for 10yo’s and not grown-ups….if that’s what you call me!

Pink + glitter + little heart stickers = a happy heart!

And, at the end of the day, I need to add, she did a pretty darn good job!


It’s quite possible it meant even MORE to her than it did to me…and it meant the WORLD to me!