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Jenny (@jennyonthespot) is a gooood friend of mine from LOOONNNNGGGG ago (like 1999ish). She is one of the most FANTASTIC people I know. And I know a lot of people. She’s also quite famous in my eyes. Like an online superstar. Seriously, if you haven’t met her, you’re missing out. Jenny On The Spot. Or JOTS.

We hadn’t seen each other in YEARS. Like a whole lotta years. So many years that we each had offspring that we had never met.

Oh…..her offspring…. SO DANG AMAZING! Each one of them. Joel – the tenderhearted, SWEET, attentive (with the exception of when he babysat all the kids) YOUNG MAN. Then there is the quiet, witty Livi. What a beauty. And then there is sweet, little Lucy. Watch out for this one. She will have you wrapped around her fingers with just her smile.

Be still my heart.

Paul and Jenny. Our DEAR friends. It’s been WAY too long.

I just want to kiss you.

I missed many opportunities of Paul showing his love for Bry. It was fantastic. SOOO many missed photo ops. Especially while he was demonstrating how his dog likes to get attention. Those photos would have been EPIC.

2 days was NOT ENOUGH TIME. But every second was AMAZING. We LOVE you guys. We MISS you guys.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for being even AWESOMER than, well, than a Voodoo doughnut.

Mmmm….VOODOOO doughnuts….

Until we meet again….

Let’s talk, chat, text, IM, tweet, IG, blog and FB our way through the next many years.

So much LOVE. We NEED you in our lives.


Date Night for the WIN!

Menfolk: Take the ladies OUT. Date nights are a requirement.

I want to share a tradition we started years ago. We call it the Date Night Dash! No, this doesn’t mean ditching out on our bill at a nice restaurant….

This is one of the FUNNEST (I don’t care that funnest isn’t a real word) date nights EVER.

Step 1: Go to a fun, casual place for drinks and appetizers. Friday night we went out with our good (and gorgeous) friends Aaron and Nicolle. They were willing to participate in our little date night game.

Ok, back to the Date Night Dash instructions…

Step 2: Go to a different location for a light dinner. Don’t overeat, that will ruin the rest of the date!


Step 3: GO TO THE MALL (or some clothing store that is about to close for the night – not like one that is going out of business…) at approximately 8:40. Yes, 20 MINUTES before it CLOSES.

Separate and pick out a new outfit from head to toe WITHOUT trying anything on. Often you will even have time to spare…to take pictures of yourself with cardboard celebs…

This can even be done on a very small budget…places like Old Navy can be very affordable!

Step 4: Change your clothes IN YOUR CAR. (uhhhh….is this legal? If not, I totally didn’t mean that….change in a restroom or somewhere completely appropriate and LEGAL) But seriously, the car thing is not only HILARIOUS, it is rather SPICY as well… Girls, this is where you play along cuz the boys like it.

Step 5: Go to another destination like the movies, a place play pool or darts, go drive go-karts, go for a walk downtown, go sit and have coffee and dessert….anywhere, just GO somewhere else wearing your new stuff!

Our dates…or maybe the two of them were actually on the date together… But seriously…check out Bry’s HAWT new shirt!!!



We have our new stuff on….I didn’t think to have them take full body pics…

I had my leg kicked up…I wasn’t attacking Nicolle with a dart…she was my teammate. Better pic of the new outfit…CHECK OUT THE HAIR THING! Oh YA!

Then we went dancing.


Please go OUT and give this Date Night Dash a shot! It is a BLAST.

*Aaron, pictured WAY above, didn’t understand the rules. He bought a Barbara Streisand CD. He may never be allowed to participate in this date night ever again.

HUSBANDS: How to get bonus points: Get the childcare all arranged so she doesn’t have to!

Please PLEASE let me know if you go out on a Date Night Dash!

Song of Solomon 2:16
My lover is mine, and I am his.

Biggest little weekend of Nostalgic FUN!

Great friends + road trip + Reno, NV = AWESOME WEEKEND!

I grew up here in NorCal and my parents would often pick us up from school on Friday and drive straight to Reno, NV for the weekend.

We often stayed at the Circus Circus hotel and obviously as kids we LOVED the Midway area. Games galore! Whenever we went on these spontaneous trips, my dad was always super generous. And by generous, I mean handing us money left and right to play games. Often he would even go to the carnival area and play the games with us. I remember this chicken flinging game…

I have GREAT memories of Reno, NV. Whether we were there for a car show (we never missed Hot August Nights, often we took one of my dads classic cars to show off) or just there for a quick weekend trip, it was NEVER a drag. My dad loved to gamble, and I remember him winning most of the time.

We ALWAYS ate at the steakhouse in Circus Circus called The Hickory Pit. I don’t believe it is called that anymore. We ordered the Prime Rib EVERY time.

I absolutely LOVE things that bring back super happy memories of my dad!!


This weekend was FULL of it. And it was good!

Some friends purchased a new car and had to pick it up in Reno. Therefore, they needed someone to take them to Reno. Our other friends offered to drive them. Either we invited ourselves or were invited to tag along…regardless of WHY we were going, we WERE going!!! Maybe we are cheap entertainment….

We shopped (AND shopped….AND SHOPPED) for HOURS.

This is why I can’t buy tall boots. I lack much distance between my bottom and feet. Although I must admit the UGG selection at this particular store was UH-MAZING!

Trish bought these and I was UBER-JEALOUS because I wanted the black ones and they didn’t have my size.

Hubs spoiled me with a hot new pair of jeans though. I can’t post the picture I have showing the jeans….

Then we got all dolled up to hit the town.

Me & Bry

Trish & Dave

Steve & Shannon

The whole crew

The girls…

The boys

Ooops, I meant to select this one…

We had pretty specific requirements for the evening.


Ok, that was pretty much our only requirement. I may or may not have INSISTED that we go to Circus Circus.

We ate dinner at 11pm. Yes, 11pm.

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I may be so whiney that I get my way….

We went to Circus Circus.


Yes, I got 1 out of about 8 chickens in a pot. I won a stuffed $100 bill. It was awesome.

We left Circus Circus shortly after I flung chickens across the room. We wanted to see other places.

We went across the street to the Silver Legacy. I should clarify that none of us are gamblers. We are ALL shoppers though. In case you didn’t know…

We walked around this casino looking at all the sights and flashing lights. We people watched. A couple of us decided to go out on a limb and put $5 into a penny slot machine. There are like 12 buttons you have to push in order to get the bar to pull down. It was complicated. I found this fabulous button that said repeat bet. I just pushed that over and over. Then as my huge amount was dwindling down, I selected the x20 per line button (or something like that). I won. It started dinging and flashing. I thought I may have hit a jackpot…I didn’t. I won $27. I was just as happy! I cashed out and was thrilled! My friend saw what button I pushed and she pushed that same button on her machine. She won also. She won $41. She cashed out as well. We were totally excited. We gambled for approximately 3 and a half minutes.

Then…..yes, then we went dancing!

(I have no idea what is happening here…)

The 6 of us danced and danced and danced. We LAUGHED until we cried. I think everyone should go dancing once in a while!

In fact, everyone should go to Reno once in a while. It was pretty much the best couples date night (and day) ever!