Old shirts will do, as long as they’re red
we needed some white, maybe the sheets on the bed?
Just a bit of black too for the letters a few
and those trusty old scissors for snip snipping a hoo.

The pieces were ready, the shirts were in need
A do it yourself craft always tackles the deed
Theres work to get did and stuffs to get done
Almost anything is solved with the fantastic glue gun

The first project prepared, the clothing complete
now onto the second part, the head to the feet
It’s a bit more tricky to transform a human
hows about a potion made out of bananas and cumin

A wig would be nice, a wig would be grand
a wig would be easy, like petting a lamb
You see hair doesn’t go up, it likes to be down
except that one piece in the middle of hair town.

To make it stand up, to make it all wild
we needed some tools such as a grinder and file.
Upside down hair meant upside down face
It would have been easier to have an upside down place

Maybe some helium or a 100 tiny balloons
maybe the trick is in the cartoons
just a pinch and a squeeze, and not a single tear
they frolicked and danced in front of the mirror

The second step was finished, almost ready to go
they will represent well, this priority’s not low
Last but not least, we needed hair color of blue
to simply resemble Thing 1 and Thing 2