Oh….how we have been BUSY.

From camping to beach housing to laking to swimming to visiting with friends to yard working…. oh wait… one of these is not like the other….

B. U. S. Y.

Like you. Everyone I talk to is busy. It’s summer. Time to do everything. Twice.

Apparently Yes is the new No.

Ok, maybe I am the one who keeps saying Yes.

But guess what I’m NOT doing.


That’s right. I haven’t done laundry in WEEKS. Why?

Because of this.

My closet broke. My laundry bin is UNDER that giant pile.

So, we have avoided the closet. When we run out of clothes we will deal with this situation.

Thankfully it’s summer. We can virtually live in bathing suits. Occasionally, we throw something on over the swimwear. But that’s usually only for a short period of time. (you know, like a 2 hour church service, or…. actually I can’t really think of any other example…)

A towel is proper cover up, right?

At one point, the husband said he wanted to throw everything in the closet away and start over. I’m hoping he was serious.

I do see the near future involving us being unable to leave our house. And we might not be able to invite you over.

That, my friend, is when we will all be sitting around playing bingo. Yes, that’s right. BINGO.

Why, you ask?


1 – I don’t need clean clothes in order to play online games
2 – It’s NOT Facebook
3 – It totally has the word CHEEKY in the name
4 – Who doesn’t like BINGO?
5 – It’s NOT Facebook!