“IT’S DUE, my poster, it’s Dr. Seuss week, you knew”

So I draw, there’s a flaw, is that a paw or a claw?

It’s Yertle! He’s a turtle, not a girdle on a hurdle…


I wake, and I bake, and I cake,

and I decorate..

I dress, I’m a mess, no time to impress…

Its true, here’s a clue, my fingers are blue

I’m late, what’s the date, but wait, no time to exaggerate


I gotta run, gotta go, can’t miss all the fun

two places to be, but only one of me

The stuff is ready, the kid is done, his hair is blue, “KEEP THE CAKE STEADY”

Off the floor, out the door, I know I’m a bore,

It’s my last Dr. Seuss poem, I’ve got no more….





Happy Dr. Seuss Day! As my kids are getting older, I am sure this is the last time we will have a school function for me to have fun with.

Make’s me sad!

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