The time has come….As most of my friends know, my family has been hit by the cancer bus. This deadly bus has picked up 4 of my family members… only one is still riding it alive. Troy Parke… he is my husbands brother. He has multiple myeloma and it is killing him. He is a husband, a daddy, a brother, a son, an uncle, a community caretaker, a get’er’done guy, a friend and an amazing mentor. Troy is a fighter and he wants to live. His chances are greater if he can have access to health that is off the charts un-afforable. I’m begging all who are listening to give anything you can.

I have a new widget! –> see it? A direct linky link to click and give. Even $20 will help a TON! Just think, if 10 people gave $20, that’s $200 towards treatment.

In the 5 years that my brother-in-law has been fighting this incurable cancer, he has NEVER asked for money nor had a fund like this set up for him. I remember there was a fundraiser for him once. That is it. Well, the time has come to help him fight!!!

He needs to walk his daughter down the aisle. She’s 13.

Please help. Please spread the word.

You can go to the above link and search for Troy Parke to learn more.