As I sit here, my heart is broken.  I can do nothing.  I should be crying profusely, but I’m not.

I sit in California, my father, my daddy, is sitting in a hospital bed in Florida.  He went in for a high fever.  Because he is fighting cancer, a fever is very dangerous.  He has to get a CT Scan, an Ultrasound as well as blood tests.  So I wait.

Here locally the Dr just ordered my Mother-in-Law, Grammy Kay, to head straight into the hospital.  She was basically admitted into the hospital over the phone.  She has to get an MRI.  She has too much pain.  Her back, her spine, her neck, sometimes her head….she shouldn’t have all this pain.  She too is fighting cancer.  We were just told last week that her Chemotherapy …IS….NOT…. working.  So I wait.

Neither parent is done fighting.  I told each parent this is all precautionary.  These hospital visits are simply to help them fight better and longer.  Please Lord let me be right.

I’m not crying because He is in control.  I can do nothing.

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26