So….I’m not really a “kid” person.  A lot of people know this about me, and it is both funny and sad all at the same time.  Yes, I have 2 kids of my own.  Lexi, who is 7 and Brayden who is 5.  They are awesome and amazing.  But they are mine!  We are kind of strict parents with high expectations of our kids, and they are obedient.  I love it!  They are like well trained dogs….that don’t shed!  I’m working on my tolerance for other people’s children.  Oh come on….like you don’t feel the same way?  Some kids are bad…and when I say bad, I mean AWEFUL.  I have been know to say “I don’t think I like that kid!”  BUT…I try to raise my children to NOT JUDGE others!  “Hypocritical”, you say?  Uh, ya, I’m just being honest!

Then there is my husband.  He is the kind, compassionate, caring one.  As we say, the one with the heart.  (Again with the honesty!)  Sometimes it drives me CRAZY.  When Lexi hurts herself by doing something completely ridiculous, he is the first one to run to her and console her.  My reaction is almost always “Well, what where you expecting!?!”  I don’t think I’m heartless…I call it well balanced.

All this said to tell you about my new favorite time of the day.  If I were to take a poll, I guarantee 98% of my friends would think my favorite time of the day is after I drop them off at school, grab a Venti Non-fat Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks and sit on my couch relaxing.  Don’t get me wrong, that is sooooo close to the top of my list of absolute favorites in my daily schedule, but it is not number 1.

This is Brayden.  He’s 5.  He’s AWESOME!

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I get when my 5 year old spots me from across the school walkway.  EVERY day he is sitting there surrounded by a group of friends and he always has the biggest smile on his face.  He is truly a HAPPY kid.  He catches a glimpse of me, and doesn’t just mosey on over, he grabs his backpack and starts RUNNING towards me.  That SMILE only intensifies.  His big BLUE eyes are radiating off of whatever color shirt he has on.  An overwhelming feeling comes over me almost immediately.  I would give anything for this moment to last forever.  When he reaches me, I immediately kneel down and he gives me the biggest hug, as if he hadn’t seen me for a month.  Again, I am speechless.  He makes me melt!

Once I put myself back together again, we begin to walk to his sisters classroom to pick her up.  He begins to tell me ALL about his day.  He doesn’t leave out details.  He talks…and talks….and TALKS…but I am still on the high from picking him up, so I enjoy every minute of it.

Then Lexi’s class is dismissed.  She has always been an independent girl.  She has always gotten along better with boys than girls.  She doesn’t ever get caught up in the girly chatter, likes and dislikes, and whatever Hannah Montana said is cool or whatever….She comes walking out with a boy almost every day.  DON’T get the WRONG idea, she is only 7, and she can’t date until she is 23.  She just isn’t “sassy” or “catty” like most girls.  So she comes out of the classroom talking about who knows what to this boy, and she always seems to make him laugh.  It is absolutely PRECIOUS.  I’m not worried about her having boys has good friends.  She is so awesome, and very witty I might add.  She walks to me casually.  She doesn’t run like Brayden, but not because she is too cool for that, she is just a mellow girl.  Once her and the boy part ways, we begin talking about her day.  Did I mention how smart she is?  Oops, she is smart!  She loves to read and she loves school.  She tells me about her day, what was good and in her words what was “GREAT.”  She never says anything negative about school, NEVER!  I’m sure that will change, but for now, I’m lovin it!

So, needless to say, this is absolutely my favorite time of day in my life right now.  Maybe it is because I am surrounded by cancer, and to see the joy in my children is a gentle reminder of what gifts they are to me.  I plan everything I do around that early afternoon event, it is priceless to me.