As my alarm clock exploded I sprung out of bed
With hair-do’s to do’s & childrens to get fed
I ramboozled the frying pans and shamrookied the fruit
I calmed histeria and unraveled the dispute

I got out the basket of ribbons & box of bands
All eyes were upon me as I glanced at my fans
I gibbled the wire &  pondunked the plastic cup
I even considered instead of hairspray using syrup

With a great twist, strong pull & without a tear
We divided and conquered and parted the hair
We picked colors of bands that matched with perfection
Although we had the greatest selection

We inserted the  drinkware with much ease
Yet the wires and braids stared at us with a tease
I glared and sneered as I poked and pulled
I tossed and turned as if I could be fooled

Though some may say its messy and wrong
We giggled and wiggled as it appeared quite strong
With a massive amount of hairspray and mousse…..