The question I keep getting asked is “Why, why, WHY??”

It’s for work.  That’s right. I have an actual job. (I’m quite fond of it too…the job, NOT WINDOWS)

Hating Windows so far:
 1. instantly changed the display colors.  Like from brilliant colors to pastels. GAG.
 2. can’t figure out how to turn off my track pad sensitivity while typing…so I will be typing a sentence and all of the sudden be at the top of the page typing in the middle of a word. HATE.
 3. files are missing. Sure, maybe not Window’s fault, but I can blame ALL I WANT.
 4. fixing my brain to use ctrl button instead of the command button. SUCKS.
   (and so you know, I typed that 3 times because I kept getting thrown into other paragraphs or other programs….sorry for the random violent tweets…It’s Windows, not me.) 
 5. scrolling is at hyper speed. I want to scroll down…BAM, I’m at the bottom of the trenches. I want mid section – wait a minute….It takes 462 tries – as long as I touch the track pad in the right spot…at the right time…when the sun is perfectly aligned with house…only on Tuesdays….
 6. Oh and I’m pretty sure I already have a virus.
 7. its all dumb and different

Missing my Mac OS.

Outlook is nice though.

PS – If any of you tell Steve Jobs about this, I will cut you. Or unfollow you. Or something.

And you know you don’t want that….cuz I’m all sorts of important.

PSS – My husband (@bryanmcnerd) the techie after reading this said to me ”you’re an idiot”