Mmmk, so here is the dealio! A few months back (or last month?) I came across a blog (Canvas Press Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giveaway) by one of my fav ROCKSTAR bloggers @sthrnfairytale. I was all, “well, ya, duh, of course I WANT THAT!” But I never win things, so I commented, tweeted, begged, blew kisses….did EVERYTHING I could to get entered.

DUDES….(obviously you know this by now…) but I WON!!! (yah, that gets 3 exclamation points!)

So, after I FREAK out and FAINT calm my nerves, I announce it to EVERYONE I know, as well as random strangers in my path.

I won a 16×20 print, including shipping. It was a value of $119.39. Be still my heart.

So, guess what I did. Yup. I UPGRADED!!!!! I ordered a 30×24 because of the photo (taken by the FABULOUS Roxi Mueller) I selected. I *might* have to build a wall to put it on, but hey, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

*DISCLAIMER: Prior to seeing the post by Southern Fairytale, I had no idea how I wanted to display this picture of my family! It was too different for just a frame! It needed something special!

It came TODAY.

I.   Can.     Barely.       Breathe.

The photo I chose is the Apple pic that I actually sent to Steve Jobs! Yes, we are all holding different Apple products, but that is NOT what this post is about.

I just died.

Again.    (LOOOOVVVVEEEE this print, SOOOO much!)

Check out the wrap!

IT’S SOOOO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!! (oh wait, that’s from a movie…)

Anyhoooo, I am soooo unbelievably happy with this print, AND I want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND CANVAS PRESS to EVERYONE on the planet! So, in honor of this post, Canvas Press has created a SPECIAL promo for you all. So, go (RIGHT NOW) and order a print from them. In the checkout area, enter the PROMO Code “JENN10″ for a special 10% off.  BOOM!

That’s right, I got MY OWN discount code! Seriously people, I have MOVED UP in the world!

Do it!

As for where I am going to hang this UH-MAZING print, in my staircase. The back wall that you can see from downstairs as well as upstairs.