We bought this older home, because it looks like a dollhouse from outside. (Well, that is why I wanted it, hubs didn’t want it at all)

Inside is a trainwreck. 

You don’t believe me, look here.

It has sooo much potential. And it has a pool. I like pools. Not to swim in, well sometimes, but mainly to lay out by. I feel silly laying out in a pool-less yard.

So, the kitchen is a giant nightmare. Ugly, but HUGE. So we are going to remodel it soon (likely in a year or two).  Because we are remodeling it and I have NO IDEA what I want…stove top, double oven, island, bar, stainless appliances, white appliances….etc…I haven’t put ANY work into the kitchen. Well, except that I removed the wallpaper, painted & put in a new floor, but that is a whole other story (literally).

So, the kitchen came with this gem:

Don’t be jealous. It’s ok, someday you too can have a sweet stove like this. Try thrift stores or craigslist, keywords ‘antique, vintage or old & moldy’.

But hey, it worked. So I couldn’t complain. Wasn’t about to go purchase a new stove when I didn’t know what I wanted when we remodel.

BUT! The other day my sister-in-law called me and said “Hey, a friend is selling an almost brand new gas stove for only $300″. I said “Done. I’ll take it!”

Then I asked hubs. Luckily he said yes!

So I got this:

Now, you can be jealous! It has 5 burners. It also has a level surface…all the grates meet together…so like I don’t have to balance burning hot casserole dishes between 2 burners while forgetting to actually put on a glove therefore each additional second that it takes me to balance the dish I am literally SEARING my fingers to the bones….not that I’ve actually EVER done that….

I was super excited about this stove. SUPER.

Hubs installed it within minutes of us getting it. It ROCKS!

I cooked anything I could RIGHT then. Like mini pizzas and a cake and stuff.

And then…..

I went to do the dishes.



That’s right. The friggin dishwasher (also from dinosaur ages) will. not. open.

I was super upset. Thought I was losing the new stove. But, hubs wiggled, pushed, wedged & fanagled the PERFECT solution.



Done deal.  NOW, you know a lot more about me.

I get to keep my stove, which makes me smile.