A loud noise woke me up at 4am this morning in a total panic. In that moment of sheer confused fog, husband jumps up and mumbles something along the lines of “gotta check my computer”. Ya-that’s among the first things he thinks of in those ‘we’re about to die’ moments. I had a FLOOD of thoughts come in at an uncontrollable speed…. “oh my gosh, it’s the door 2 door alarm salesman…he wasn’t really selling alarms, he was scouting out houses to rob. Him and his partner were seeing which homes in the neighborhood are good targets. He was going to ROB US.”

My husband had returned to bed and about 4 seconds had gone by. Then there was a flash of lightening and a huge crash of thunder. Oh, right…thunder…that’s what the sound was that woke me up.

But still.

What if I’m right and this is some type of prophetic post. What if.

Here’s what happened, on Monday we were in our office working (we both telecommute for a company out of Salt Lake City) and hubs says “there is a dude coming to the door and I’m on a conference call”

I bounce down the stairs and go out on the porch before the guy can ring the doorbell and wake the guard dogs.

He “picked” (you’ll get that in a minute) our house to give us a free alarm system. All I had to do was fill out a little form. Now, before you go all judgy judge pants on me, I know. I’ve actually done this before, we have had horrible experience with those alarm systems/companies before – so why not try again! Plus, that was in Idaho and this is a new place, so was considering it. Mostly I had decided to have him come back and tell my hubs about the “smokin deal”. I fill out the little form and tell him tomorrow or the next day would be a good time to come back. *Sketchy part that didn’t cross my mind AT THE TIME* he said he just moved here and didn’t have a phone so he asked to use MY phone to call his “supervisor” and I said sure. But I did not let him inside. I went, got my phone and let him use it (another brilliant after thought…he now has my number programmed into whatever phone he dialed…).

He said he would call us on Tuesday to confirm the time he would be back with his supervisor.

He never called. I didn’t think about that until I was rudely awaken this morning by the loud noise (ok, the thunder).


He was scoping out our house. And let’s face it, neither hubs or myself are exactly built like Mr. T.

BUT, we don’t need an alarm because we have these GIANT terrifying dogs!!!

Oh wait, those were the wrong pics….how about this video.

Oops, wrong video…anyhow, they are vicious attack dogs. They just don’t always remember that.

BUT, THE ABSOLUTE WORST part about this entire ordeal…I wouldn’t be able to give the cops an accurate description if/WHEN this actually happens. This is just about how that conversation would go.. “he was tall, really tall. He had light brown hai….EEEW GIANT BOOGER. THERE WAS A BOOGER HANGING OUT OF HIS NOSE…I have NO idea what his face looked like. I COULDN’T look at his face. BOOOOGGGGEEEEERRRR”

WHAT IF that BOOGER was all part of his plan. To DISTRACT me from his facial features.

That’s it. We are putting up video cameras. I am suspicious.

UGH….and today is Wednesday.