They gave me Mother’s Day. The newbie blogger. *I secretly think they are trying to sabotage me.* BUT WAIT….MAYBE, just maybe, they were being really smart because most people are doing special spoily kinda stuff on Mother’s Day like getting pedicures and going to brunch…not sitting in front of a computer reading stuff…. Right?…don’t all mom’s go to brunch on Mother’s Day? So, maybe Christine & Nadia were the brilliant gals who thought…”hmmm…let’s give the new girl the day where everyone is busy….” *Maybe they are NOT actually trying to sabotage me!!*

Well then, now that I feel much less pressure…let’s move on! This post is about puppies. Not really, but my son, whom just turned 7 informed me that ALL GIRLS like puppies! And I figure mostly girls are going to read this.

There! (I have no idea about protocol from stealing pics from the internet, so click here for the link to where I found this pic) I probably shouldn’t be allowed to have my own website. I am bound to break a law or 12.

It’s ok, you can click the back button and go back to something more interesting. I don’t blame you.

I almost forgot!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t want kids. For YEARS. Ask Jenny on The Spot, she’ll tell ya! Kids scared the EVERYTHING out of me! They are little and leaky as babies and then they start talking back and running away from you.

I thought I would be fine with a cat. But that honeymoon period only lasted a bit, and then it started to gross me out. So I threw her away.

Guess one kid couldn’t hurt. Ok, 2 kids, but THAT’S it. He wanted a bakers dozen.

Not from me dude. Find yourself a sister-wife or something if you want any more than 2.

I wanted a girl kid REALLY bad. I was into dance & gymnastics as a kid, so I wanted a girl to live vicariously through her…. just kidding…. (gosh, tough crowd)

I got my girl! She was born on Christmas Eve in 2001.

And then….a couple years later, this happened.

One girl, one boy. Done! Perfect!

I was done for a few different reasons.

  • I only have 2 hands. Figure 1 kid on each hand, if I had a 3rd kid….how in the heck would I hold his/her’s hand in a parking lot?
  • Twins are EVERYWHERE in my family and hubs family. Wasn’t risking going from 2 to 4….
  • In reality, I actually already had 3 kids at this point…cuz let’s face it, the husband is just another kid, albeit taller and the bacon bringer home’r

Those were/are my reasons…so don’t think I’m all judgy about people who have more kids! Those people are UH-MAZING, I just couldn’t do it!

Shortly after having these kids, I realized just how much POWER I have!

I also realized as a mom I was pretty strict. My kids will eat what we eat at all meals, they will be kind and respectful and fun. I say NO a lot. I might not even let them finish their sentence and I have already said NO. I know….I am a MEAN mom. Jerk. Its ok, I am. But, I am really trying to get better. I still don’t allow play-doh, but thats what hubby is for, they do all those things that I say NO to when I’m not around!

Lexi is 9 and a half and Brayden just turned 7. They ROCK my world.

Lexi is ridiculously smart and FUNNY…..SO FUNNY, she has this dry quick witted humor that often leaves my jaw-dropped.

Brayden is sweet, smart and athletic. I am told by every mom who works in the class (I’m the bad mom who rarely EVER helps in the class) that Brayden is the most thoughtful boy they have ever met! That makes my heart melt.

These kids deserve a way better mom! So, for them, I am trying to be better! The fun mom who sometimes actually says yes.

So, the other day, they asked a HUGE question. I said YES and I WISH I could have gotten a picture of their faces, to be honest, Lexi already started her rebuttal before she realized I actually said YES.

I let them set up a lemonade stand at the end of the driveway.


In many ways, they had TONS of customers (they made $20 and sold each cup for a quarter…so ya, figure that out!)

That day, they thought I was the ABSOLUTE BEST MOM ON THE PLANET!!

I totally won that day!

I wish this post had some deep rooted point, but it really doesn’t. I always tell people I don’t really do ‘mommy blogging’ because I don’t think I’m a great mom. First of all, I am certainly NOT old enough to be a mom (I’m still 25, right?) & I certainly don’t feel even remotely mature enough to be a mom (just ask ANY of my nieces or nephews…) BUT, I have amazing kids. Like I said earlier, they deserve better. And since I am not willing to give them away, I better do what I can to be that better mom!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the AMAZING moms out there and ALSO to all the moms like me who are just trying to keep their kids fed and dressed and even occasionally brush their hair before they get on the school bus (OH MY GOSH, is that why some of you moms homeschool?). Anyhooo….we deserve props too!


I was approached last month to be a part of the May Mom Blog Hop put together by Christine & Nadia. Thank you ladies for this invite, I was incredibly excited and overwhelmed….and will TOTALLY understand if you cross me off your list for next time! ;o)

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