I like the word narcissism.

I makes me laugh.

Because we all are a LITTLE if not absolutely completely over-the-top a lot narcissistic.

Here is the definition of Narcissism: Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving
for admiration.

Hahahaha…..I love the ‘grandiose view of one’s own talents’ part…. If only drinking a latte was a talent…

So, I worry about being too narcissistic yet trying to always be willing to put others first. Tricky eh!

Pictures….I am narcissistic about pictures of myself! I want pictures of EVERYTHING in life… BUT, when I put a picture up, I often edit it, run it through some type of filter or softener….so it’s all purdy and whatnot….but thats even more narcissistic….

ANNNNDDDD….if I am in a picture with a group of people…I make sure I post the picture where I look the best….caring, but not choosing based on what the others look like….. gosh, I’m RUDE!

So, this got me thinkin….I went through my last several blog posts…

I haven’t put a picture of myself up there in a LONG TIME! **Shut up to all of you who follow me on Instagram…or Facebook friends…. That is NOT what this post is about.

So yay, MAYBE I am NOT as narcissistic as I thought.


So the other day, it was really beautiful out….and I needed to wash my car….

Look mom….NO FILTER! ;o)