Oh….how we have work to do! First off, let me post a few interior pics to get your attention!

Sooo much to say, huh! Don’t laugh too hard at my super AWESOME new kitchen appliances.  Our inspector said our stove manufacturer has been out of business since the 70′s! Aren’t you jealous of my GREEN walls? How about the dark trim EVERYWHERE, not just covering the windows, the floors and ceilings have the same trip! Lucky me!  Oh and yes, that UN-BELIEVABLE jetted tub in my master bath actually has the ‘spa rules and warnings’ posted on the wall near the DIAL YOU TURN FOR AMOUNT OF TIME YOU WANT THE BUBBLES ON!!!

Too much awesomeness to detail out in this post, but I do want to share a few of our actual indoor plans…..

1 – PAINT! Everything! The trim will all be white and the walls will mainly be a light tan called Butter Pecan. (sorry, but the wallpaper HAS TO GO!)
2 – Full Kitchen Remodel – this will be in a couple years!
3 – Split large bedroom upstairs into 2 rooms.
4 – Master Bath Remodel
5 – Upstairs Bath Remodel
6 – Build new garage in front of existing garage and turn existing garage into entertainment room (cuz we likes to partaaayyy!)
7 – Open up solid walls around staircase and just have banisters.
8 – New lighting throughout the house

Those are just the plans/ideas I can rattle off the top of my head.

I     am     excited!