I had a moment today that was a mix between heartache and amazement. It was over a trampoline.

No, I did not master the post-childbirth ability to bounce….

I was working in the back yard today, planting flowers and stuff. I went to a section to get some dirt and saw the trampoline sitting there in a pile. I decided right then to stop what I was doing and put the trampoline together.

You see, it was 2 years and 1 month ago that our lives where flipped upside down and I got on an airplane and NEVER went back to my home in Idaho. My husband and kids where left with everything to do and everything to take care of. It was April 2nd 2009, and my dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He lived in Florida.

Bry (the husband) had to make a bunch of decisions. He started packing He hired a moving truck and had our entire home in Idaho packed up and moved to a storage unit in California, where his mother and brother had just been diagnosed with cancer as well.

Just days before the moving truck arrived at the house, Bryan took apart the trampoline. The kids were very emotional about it. They realized at that moment how real everything was. They were being uprooted from everything they knew.

School, church, friends, life.

Since that day, we have lived in 5 different places and drug that pile of trampoline parts to each location… (except Florida)

Today I rebuilt that trampoline. (yes, all by MYSELF!)

These two were overflowing with joy today as they bounced. For hours.

They made it through the last 2 years barely asking any questions. Through the loss of 2 grandparents. Through 5 moves, 2 of those being in RV’s… Feeling like yo-yo’s, with no place to call home. No backyard to call their own. They made it through it, smiling almost the whole time.

We (hubs and I) were emotional roller coasters.

But today, 2 years and 1 month later….we have a new place to call home. We are together and stronger than ever.

*SIDE NOTE* This trampoline is the very same trampoline that I grew up jumping on here in Northern Cali. So, if you are one of those philosophical types…you might say…what goes around comes aroundor what goes up must come down…it has come full circle!

They don’t make trampolines like this anymore!