I started a REVOLUTION.

Ok, maybe not a complete revolution, but I definitely got a few people off there feet, even just for a brief moment.

It started with my exciting trip to Home Depot this weekend. It was a good day.

No, I am not in the Plumbing isle….I was leaving the Kitchen section…

So, I posted this on Insagram and people where all likey likey…so I figured people like pictures of people doing cartwheels.

Well, why am I the only one cartwheeling around life?

I figured there are only two types of people: the ‘I do cartwheels all the time’ type or the ‘I haven’t done a cartwheel since I was 6′ type.

So I asked for pictures. I asked people to get up, try it and make sure someone takes a picture!

I was soooo happy with the willing participants. And the few that I had to threaten. They all came through!

Here is the fantastic @ISEmanCometh

Here is the Inspirational @revjoel

Here we have the girl who never lets me down @aymomnexgymnast

We had the entire fabulous LafinFamily…. @lafingal


and of course…. @lafindogs

We have the spectalar @jaymalew and her ghost of a dog

We have the super dad @dadstreet who submitted this completely willingly and didn’t whine AT ALL. (ok, some of that isn’t true)

We had the friend of the friends first cousins great aunts neice….. ok, so maybe it is just @cjayplays neighbor

We had one of the COOLEST submissions from the former gymnast @dadgineer … ya, self portrait …

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we have the STELLAR show-off sexy and hot @MissScarlett

Thank you all for playing my game with me!

I am pretty sure you all had fun doing it!

Ahhhhh…..the things we do for twitter!