We are ALL ABOUT bringing the temporary awesome!

Or in this case, temporary whitetrashyness. (wait…is that rude? or offensive? cuz I am DEFINITELY not trying to offend anyone!)


On paper, we have a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house. In reality, we have a 3 GIANT bedroom, 3 toilet and 1 shower house. So, this means, we have a TON of room to sleep (beds for 8 people, floor space for another 5 or so and a couple of couches if you wanna sleep in the living room) and only ONE……get that

O. N. E.


Well, because we are pretty fun (SUPER AWESOME) people, whenever people come to town, they OBVIOUSLY want to stay WITH us! We ALWAYS invite everyone to stay here…because we like to party and like to be the party….

So, this weekend we have visitors arriving to stay with us for a week. How many visitors is exactly what you are wondering, right? 9.

Yes, you read that right.


So, let’s do the math. 9 + 4 (that’s how many people LIVE here) = 13.

Back to my first point…..we have 1 shower.

Not diggin the people vs shower ratio here.

So……… we came up with a temporary solution…..


Here is the upstairs bathroom situation. It has a regular tub against the back wall, but there is a window in the center of that wall, so we couldn’t just attach a shower to it.

I went to my favorite store, Home Depot, and explained my “situation”.

I told them I wanted a round shower rod thingy like they put above claw foot tubs. They don’t carry those in the store….PLUS, this was temporary, I didn’t want to spend too much.

So, here is what I bought:

10 foot long 1″ piece of metal conduit for like $7
10 foot long 1/2″ piece of metal conduit that they put 2 90 degree angles in for me $2.50
2 metal brackets for closet poles $4.00
2 metal brackets for curtain rods $3.00
A new tub faucet that had the shower attachment $16
A shower head with a hose $17
A bracket to attach to the wall $1

I spent about $50 on hardware/supplies.


Then I hit up the ol Walmart…..(remember, this is TEMPORARY….)



It’s a bit white trash….but it works GREAT. Massive water pressure, no leaks and fully functional.

And one last photo for you……..

When the curtains are closed……it sort of looks like a scene from……..


you know…..