The blue ribbons & flowers & patterns & borders…..BAH! Its the classic Mrs. Nesbits wallpaper theme…..and its GOTTA GO!  Also – see the dark trim everywhere….I can’t STAND it, it’s not my style! (Not that I have much style…)  And the GIGANTIC beam that goes across the dining area…..BARF!

I apologize if you like the wallpaper and the dark trim and the well…oooh, maybe you like the light fixture, its pretty much awesome in nutshell…..

Well, we had some dudes visiting us for work.  One guy lives in Seattle and the other guy lives in Idaho. They missed their flight. *SCORE* The dude from Idaho says “I bet we could remove this wallpaper pretty easily.” I say “WHAAA???” (in the minion voice from Despicable Me.  He says “but….is it textured underneath?” I say, “I dunno, rip some off and check!”

Sure enough, it was!

So, I began negotiating.  I offered a nice dinner and a place to sleep for a couple hours of their labor. They got right on it. We used warm soapy water to loosen the wallpaper.  Couple of us used sponges, others used spray bottles, both ways worked great. It peeled RIGHT OFF!

Once the wallpaper was removed, I went over each wall with TSP. Apparently something that will eat your fingers right off if you don’t use gloves….I doubt its really that bad…but I wasn’t about to test it out.

Once the walls dried, I was ready to rock & roll.

I picked my paint. Butter Cream in an eggshell finish for the walls and White Semi-gloss for the trim by Royal (Ace Hardware).  I chose them because they are close! Therefore when I run out it is not by an act of God that I get a refill!

Step 1  was complete! The walls and trim were complete.  AND, do you even notice the beam anymore? I painted it too!

I know, I know, I still have MASSIVE amounts of work still to do….but a complete kitchen remodel is in our future plans, so I don’t want to put too much work into the kitchen!  *cuz ALL women know, if it looks decent and “works” the husband is definitely NOT going to think we need a remodel!