I ALWAYS dread when hubs goes out of town. I’m not the kinda girl who needs space or alone time.

Hubs went out of town this weekend.

Then daughter was invited to a sleep-over.

It was just me and the boy. So I decided it was DATE NIGHT. Just me and my handsome (though lacking a few teeth) 7 year old boy. We don’t do this often enough, but then again, too often would make it not as special…I don’t know what is the perfect amount here….

Anyhow, I tell him I am taking him to the movies. We are going to get popcorn, soda AND candy! He was insistent to bring his OWN money to buy his candy. So I let him! He was excited. Then I ask him where we should eat dinner before we go see our movie. He says “Mary’s Pizza Shack” which is one of MY favorite places.

That’s what kind of boy he is.

We had an amazing time. Just us. We giggled, ate, watched Dolphin Tale, and laughed…and then…he fell asleep during the movie.

The next morning we had a lot to do. I had a mini retreat, so he was going to hang out with a friend that day. I got up and jumped in the shower. When I got out I heard a noise upstairs…

He had gotten up, came downstairs, heard I was in the shower and went back upstairs and took a shower. ON HIS OWN. This may not seem like a BIG deal to you, but WHAT!?!?!?! Without arguing, forcing, begging, pleading, demanding….. totally on his own!

My heart MELTED!

Then we went to Starbucks. We giggled a lot more. We needed this alone time.

He also had a soccer game that day, that I had to miss. That breaks my heart. He scored 2 goals. He played well. But I missed it. ;o(

I heart this kid!


Saturday early evening rolled around and Brayden was invited to hang out with his cousins for a few hours. Then it was just me and my 9 year old girl. Guess what……DATE NIGHT!

I asked my girl what she wanted to do. Gave her a few options. She mulled around a bit with a few of the ideas….then I had a brilliant idea. I offered to rent any movie she wanted on iTunes and go to the store to make her any meal she wanted.

She squealed YES with much excitement! She loves to be home!

We jump in the car to go to the grocery store. I ask her what she wanted me to make for dinner. If you have paid much attention to my high maintenance kids, you would have guessed her answer.


I said sure. We got all our ingredients (just for california rolls – as I have yet to find sushi grade fish here) and head home. We turned on Pandora, danced around the kitchen and made sushi!

She loved every minute of it. She even headed over to the computer every once in a while to add different stations to my Pandora shuffle that was playing! It was GREAT.

Then we rented Mars Needs Moms, sat in front of the TV and ate our sushi. I also made an Egg Drop soup to go with our sushi. It was delish.

A priceless evening that we needed.

A priceless weekend that we all needed.


Sunday morning we all woke up happy and refreshed. We layer around until it was time to get ready for church.












I love Sundays. I like to play dress up.

That was my weekend in a nutshell.

And it was good.