We’ve been TP’ed.

We really have a great house for toilet papering. It’s not even our house that they get, its our trees in our front yard. We don’t mind, its actually funny! Especially since I learned the best way to clean it up is to light the streams of toilet paper on fire. The neighbors aren’t crazy about this….

We got Flamingo’ed.

Still to this day, we are baffled by the way they did it and the fact that they were hiding somewhere in our front yard WHILE WE CAME OUTSIDE to see the four or five flamingos in our yard. We looked outside about 30 minutes later to our front lawn being COVERED! Within the next couple days the flamingos were removed in the middle of the night. I was sad to see them go….but not sad enough to go buy my own flamingo’s to decorate my front lawn with.

I’ve been forked. (in Idaho)

I was home alone one night and not feeling well. I kept getting text messages from a couple teenagers from our youth group. Finally, I went outside and saw our lawn had been forked. It was awesome. The girls said they took all the forks from a fast food place. I reminded them that stealing was bad! The girls helped me clean up the forks a few days later. Yes, it says We heart U!

Yesterday, I walked out our front door to a fish.

I’ve never even heard of this prank.

Problem here is I hate fish. I think they are kind of lame pets. Maybe I should clarify…GOLDFISH are pretty dumb. Unless they are food for a piraña or something….Exotic fish are cool. But not in my house. I don’t want the responsibility of keeping anyone or anything ELSE alive.

We got this fish on Sunday morning.

This was the status on Monday morning.

RIP doorstep fish. Your 1 day on our porch was nice. Your 1 evening in the fish bowl was apparently not so nice.

Betcha we don’t get ‘Fished’ again!