I had to go to the store today.

Seems I am ALWAYS at the store. But this time there was absolutely NOTHING that I needed at the store. I just needed cash back.

I couldn’t just go to an ATM. Those things only spit out $20′s.

I walked up and down the aisles. I found strawberries. Everyone loves strawberries.

Then I found some wide egg noodles. Those are versatile little buggers…they can be a side dish, they can become part of a main dish…I could probably even figure out how to make them into a dessert. Versatile.

I think I grabbed one more miscellaneous item.

That’ll do.

All I needed was a $5 bill.

I failed miserably the night before. All day today I have tried to avoid making eye contact.

These dang kids won’t stop LOSING their dang teeth.

We are absolutely without a doubt the WORST tooth fairies on the PLANET. <~ The story linked there, ya, that one was written BEFORE we actually left a ‘left-over’ Walmart gift card under a pillow….having no idea what the value was, it was all we had and neither of us were willing to drive to the gas station to get a $5 bill.