Our fuzzy fart faces.

They are standard poodles. I call them my inheritance. They are completely nuts and other than the fact that one of them barks, they are not like any other dogs I know. I don’t think they know they are dogs.

They used to have those girly poodle cuts. Then they became ours. We wanted them to look like the goofballs that they are.

This fits them.

They need to be groomed every couple of months because they are like sheep…their hair just keeps growing and growing and growing…..

I gave the instructions to the gal at the counter. The actual groomer that we use wasn’t in yet. I said “have Patricia call me if she has any questions”

No phone calls.

I almost died when I went to pick them up.

We now have 2 giant naked mole rats. Or, they kind of look like scared white indoor deer.


Have you ever seen that Disney Short called Boundin? (IT’S MY FAV SHORT FILM OF ALLLLL TIMES!)

They’re all naked and pink.

I’m embarrassed.

They’re embarrassed.