So, I kinda lost my groove on the whole blogging thing last year (2012). I have no idea if I have it back. I don’t really feel like it. But, I did get a giggle going over my top posts from 2012.

The busiest day on my blog was on Jul 24th, and it went to my first ever giveaway post (Road trip, snacking, naked fruit and MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!), that was kind of a big deal. Turns out, to this day, it has been my ONLY ever giveaway. I’m such a stud!

The post with the most views went to one of my FAVS (I can’t put a title on this mess…) simply because it is so appropriately ‘me‘.

I also got a kick out of my top 5 most active commenters. Seriously friends, this is HUGE. First, people don’t read my blog. Second, nobody really enjoys commenting if it causes any more work than saying “that was funny…”. Third, a third item isn’t even necessary.

top commenters

On that note, a HUGE thank you to my top 5. You ROCK.

With all that said…. SMOOOOCHES to you and your loved ones. Here’s to a FABULOUS 2013.


Ooops, I meant to insert the one below…. *muahahah*

Or did I!?!?!