I love swim suits.

LOVE them.

I normally get them from Victoria’s Secret. *Secretly* hoping they will make me look like their models.

I get their emails. I drool every time I see something from them flash across their screen. (I also have to admit that I struggle with getting ‘appropriate’ suits for my age as well as what I am comfortable wearing around actual real people…what I wear in my backyard when I lay out with my immediate family is an entirely different set of requirements…)

This morning I saw this.


This year I ordered 4 suits from them. The suit featured above is one of them.

Ya. BUT! Mine didn’t come with the jewels… or the awkward pose (seriously awkward, TRY IT, I dare ya!). Or the perfect little body to go with it. Or the long flowing blonde locks… Or the clearance price… Or the…..

False Advertising.

And then we went to the beach over the 4th of July weekend. As usual, I was frolicking around in the sand. Hubs grabbed the camera! I am not daring enough to post pics that show toooooo much…..but this pic turned out pretty awesome IMHO. ;o)


*contemplating really posting the following picture*

Well there.

Take that you perfect little Victoria’s Secret models.