HAHAHA…..Ok, maybe a few words need to be said. I found this free app called aLike. It says to simply upload your photo and it will show you your celeb look alike.

Fun! I always stumble when that awkward time comes around on FB where everyone puts their gorgeous celeb doppleganger and I pretend to just stay off FB until it passes.

Side note – why isn’t doppleganger a real word?

Ok, back to wordless wednesday.

First result:

Not even sure who this is…nor do I see any resemblance…Oh wait, we both have 2 eyes and a nose!

Next result:

Again, don’t know who this is and see zero resemblance…but I guess we are looking at the camera at about the same angle…??

3rd result:

WHAT? Really? I have officially begun to lose hope in finding my true doppleganger….


There we go….now we were getting somewhere. I look like a man. Not just any man. Isn’t this the creepy dude from Harry Potter or something like that?

Let’s give this ONE more shot:


Ok, ok, ok…..seriously….THIS IS THE LAST TRY:

AGAIN! The ONLY duplication I get. The not necessarily attractive MAN. AGAIN.

I am DONE. This app has now been deleted.

Because it’s stupid.

And you bet I am going to put his picture as my FB profile pic if ‘doppleganger’ week ever comes up again.

Apparently, we have such an incredible resemblance that his photo came up twice. Out of all the BILLIONS of celebrities.

*My self confidence is through the roof right now.

*The above statement is a GIANT lie.

So sorry about misleading you with Wordless Wednesday title. There are only 295 too many words for that to be true. I didn’t mean to do that. I promise.