This post is plum full of JEALOUSY.

Canada has TONS of cool stuff…and cool people…. (NOT that the States don’t have those things…but I hear SOOOO much more about awesome contests and friggin home makeovers…all with the cute little disclaimer…. *must be a Canadian resident to enter.*)


I’ve been to Canada. A few different times. I’ve been to Victoria and Vancouver. Ya, I totally can say I’ve been all over Canada! See, from the map below. I basically AM Canadian from those trips.

Canada has Old Navy awesome crap like GIGantic gift cards and new store layouts and stuff

Canada had IKEA doing friggin kitchen remodels and crap like that. Oh ya….that WHOLE twitter party was in my feed. (have you seeeen MY kitchen?)

Canada has Mike Holmes.  SO. DANG. UNFAIR. (have you seeeen MY house?)

Canada gets Craig Ferguson….sure, he’s probably on tour and stopping all over the place BUT of course….I ONLY hear about his trip to Canada…..

I want to take a poll….because I’m pretty sure most of my social media connections are Canadian. So, go ahead and put in the little comment box thing if you are Canadian or not.


I’m asking nicely.

Because in reality….I’m just super jealous of you people.