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New Season ~ New Challenges ~ New Me

It all starts THIS week.


Although school has been going for almost 4 weeks now, we are just now getting into our fall routines. My new routine isn’t just for fall though….it’s this whole year.

I am digging in deep, to several challenges, all at once.

Sundays, we just started going through a book called Radical by David Platt. Though we are just beginning it, I am getting the impression it is about how the church has become just a ‘Christian version of the American Dream’. In other words, we haven’t changed much about our lives, we still do what we want, live how we want and buy what we want…and just put a Christian spin on it. I am AFRAID of this book. It may (should) be life-changing.

Wednesdays, I am taking over the High School group at AWANA. The first half of the year we will be going through an intense study of the book of Romans. Not only will I facilitate leading this group, I will be going through the study with them. I am looking forward to digging in deeper with a small group of amazing teens ranging from Freshman to Juniors who are incredibly dedicated to strengthening their faith.

Fridays, I will be gathering with a bunch of ladies as we study this book War of Words by Paul David Tripp. This book says Resources for Changing Lives across the top. Its got to be a gem! ;o) I have heard great things about this book and am really looking forward to reading it. I have also committed to work in my son’s 2nd grade classroom on Fridays.


I am not sure when I will find the time to do it, but I will make sure it all happens.

We are also getting back into our daily exercise routine. Not sure if it will be the P90x again, but something. Something hard.

It’s important.

To me.

To us.

So…if you are the encouraging type, encourage me. This won’t exactly be easy.

If you have studied any of these books before, give me your two cents!

Joy! What it looks like!

*I wrote this for a friend of mine!

You Are a Picture of Joy to Me

You are a picture of joy to me
From every facet of life I see
Your relationship with the Lord is so rich and true
I see it in every little thing you do

You look at your husband with such love and respect
You see your kids and your face lights up
Your daughters were sent husbands straight from heaven
And God continued to bless your family with Jevan

You serve your family with the utmost pride
As if you’re serving with Jesus right by your side
You’re an example to follow as I seek to be
Because you are a picture of joy to me

*This poem was seriously put in my head just months before 3 family members were diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t even understand the depth of what I was writing at the time. It means INFINITELY more to me now!

The splendor before me is beyond description
Like a palace but more, its better than fiction
The grand beauty and joy surrounding its glory
The people so free who want to share their story

My body weighed down with confusion and sorrow
Just a moment of their joy I wish I could borrow
I stare at the crowds so full of happiness and bliss
They’re singing and dancing and I’m stuck with this….

I begin to walk with no direction in hand
But my feet seem to lead as fast as they can
I am led to an entrance, the most beautiful I’ve seen
Its shimmering walls with décor so pristine

And further I’m lead to a room so warm and secure
As if part of my load was lifted right at the door
This room was different, as if set aside
For something much more then just stepping inside

I lifted my eyes and saw Him sitting alone
With a glow and a smile on a magnificent throne
He reached out for me saying “what took you so long?”
“I’ve been patiently waiting to make you healthy and strong!”

“Its burdens and weights I want you to lay at my feet
But when your heart is broken, down here we will meet”
He stepped down from His throne to sit next to me
and with His arms wrapped around me, I could finally see,

That His love is much more than we can conceive
He waits patiently for us to truly believe
He makes the blind to see and the lame to walk
He heals the sick and doesn’t even need us to talk

I turned so I could see My Lord Jesus face to face
and asked Him if He would stay with me as I leave this place
He answered “I will never leave you nor forsake you, this you should know
And because you have asked me, of course I will go”