Menfolk: Take the ladies OUT. Date nights are a requirement.

I want to share a tradition we started years ago. We call it the Date Night Dash! No, this doesn’t mean ditching out on our bill at a nice restaurant….

This is one of the FUNNEST (I don’t care that funnest isn’t a real word) date nights EVER.

Step 1: Go to a fun, casual place for drinks and appetizers. Friday night we went out with our good (and gorgeous) friends Aaron and Nicolle. They were willing to participate in our little date night game.

Ok, back to the Date Night Dash instructions…

Step 2: Go to a different location for a light dinner. Don’t overeat, that will ruin the rest of the date!


Step 3: GO TO THE MALL (or some clothing store that is about to close for the night – not like one that is going out of business…) at approximately 8:40. Yes, 20 MINUTES before it CLOSES.

Separate and pick out a new outfit from head to toe WITHOUT trying anything on. Often you will even have time to spare…to take pictures of yourself with cardboard celebs…

This can even be done on a very small budget…places like Old Navy can be very affordable!

Step 4: Change your clothes IN YOUR CAR. (uhhhh….is this legal? If not, I totally didn’t mean that….change in a restroom or somewhere completely appropriate and LEGAL) But seriously, the car thing is not only HILARIOUS, it is rather SPICY as well… Girls, this is where you play along cuz the boys like it.

Step 5: Go to another destination like the movies, a place play pool or darts, go drive go-karts, go for a walk downtown, go sit and have coffee and dessert….anywhere, just GO somewhere else wearing your new stuff!

Our dates…or maybe the two of them were actually on the date together… But seriously…check out Bry’s HAWT new shirt!!!



We have our new stuff on….I didn’t think to have them take full body pics…

I had my leg kicked up…I wasn’t attacking Nicolle with a dart…she was my teammate. Better pic of the new outfit…CHECK OUT THE HAIR THING! Oh YA!

Then we went dancing.


Please go OUT and give this Date Night Dash a shot! It is a BLAST.

*Aaron, pictured WAY above, didn’t understand the rules. He bought a Barbara Streisand CD. He may never be allowed to participate in this date night ever again.

HUSBANDS: How to get bonus points: Get the childcare all arranged so she doesn’t have to!

Please PLEASE let me know if you go out on a Date Night Dash!

Song of Solomon 2:16
My lover is mine, and I am his.