I have been pondering what to do with myself for weeks now. I’m not exactly your ‘molly homemaker’ type. I do enjoy a clean-ish house and a sparkly kitchen, but those things don’t take much time. Especially the clean-ish part.

I have a normal morning routine but then by about 8:30am, I am done. Then I walk around the house in circles. There are about 12 million things I would LOVE to do, but I am jobless, therefore unable to tackle any projects that require expenses. Have you seen this house?


I have been playing in the dirt outside. I would call it gardening, but if you saw my back yard, you would laugh. I tried to clean out my flower beds, which my mom planted 2 years ago. They were overflowing and had lots of dead branches. Well….turns out I am not really that great at ‘pruning’. I killed them ALL.

Not joking.

Every. Plant. Is. Dead.


Used to look like this:

Sometimes I play in the kitchen. I create things. I rarely eat any of the treats I create…but it’s still fun.

Little Strawberry Shortcake creations

Cheesecake Brownie Bites

Lemon Filled Cupcakes

The dreamy lemon filling!

Raspberry filled cupcakes…with a strawberry on top

The chocolate cupcakes had a marshmallow filling

An afternoon Iced Mocha…with whip

I decided to wash my car…and vacuum it. And armor-all the seats so that you slip and slide on each corner.

Then I always need a nap

Sunscreen FAIL….

Sometimes I go for walks in my FINEST attire.


But….apparently there are still some people who like me.

So, in my quest to continue figuring out who I am, what I want to do when I grow up and what I should do in the meantime….I will continue to do the things I enjoy.

Whether I am good at them or not…

And I will keep walking by the things I don’t want to do/fix like this….

Happy Thursday Friends. Wait, is it Thursday?

PS – don’t tell my mom about the flower beds. She’ll fly out here and punch me.