We drove down to Sacramento to see the amazing combination of Cirque Du Soleil & Michael Jackson, The Immortal World Tour. I was SOOO excited I could barely stand it. Two things that I LOVE. Together. In one shiny package.

We got the tickets in the middle of the road. Not the cheap seats, but not a box where they feed you or on the floor next to the stage. I thought our seats were excellent.

We got there early. We people watched. We giggled about the age range of fans that were in the audience. We admired all the iPhones around us and yes, I did ask the stranger in front of me what tags he was using as he was posting images to Instagram.

The music started. The lights dimmed.

The older gal next to Bryan YELLS “WE MISS YOU MICHAEL!”

A few characters appear on stage and the show begins. The skill of the dancers is almost unbearable. There were points where our jaws where dropped.

The music was outstanding. Obviously it was all Michael Jackson music, but the fact that it was all played LIVE with the exception of the audio of MJ… we were blown away. We felt each beat run through our bodies.

The ability for so many musicians and dancers to be perfectly in sync. The lights, the fog, the dynamics…so spectacular.

Fabulous is an understatement for the Lead Character in the show. He was phenomenal.

The slightly inebriated young ladies sitting next to me kept repeating “oh no he didn’t!”

Here’s the BUT…..

The mix of Cirque and MJ is where things got just a TINY bit disappointing. We’ve only seen one other Cirque show, Mystere, in 1998. I had NEVER seen anything like it. It was unbelievable and amazing mixed with spectacular jaw dropping stunts.

The combo of this MJ show didn’t mix enough true Cirque stunts. I expected trapeze work and trampolines. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few moments of incredible tumbling and work on the rings…but those where just a few moments in between dance numbers. And again, those dance numbers were magnificent!

Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this show. Without a doubt. But I would have liked to have my expectations set ahead of time.

Here is what to expect:

Fantastic, Amazing, Skillful, Stunning, Spectacular and Mind-Blowing music, dancing, lights, pyro-technics, stage effects and more.

Here’s what not to expect:

A traditional Cirque Du Soleil show.


One more pic before I hit publish…it has nothing to do with the show, but this is my post and it was my birthday….so there.

Here’s me and my hot date!