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Canadian Hornish Game Hens for the WIN

It was Lexi’s (our 10yo) turn to make us dinner. She contemplated for days on what she was going to make. I told her to think of the main course and what type of meat she wanted. At first she decided baby back ribs. I talked her out of that because its such a lengthy process and I don’t want her BBQing yet….

Then she chose chicken legs. She didn’t care how she cooked them, she just wanted chicken legs – so we found a decent recipe on here and did our best to follow it. So, we go to the store to get her legs. She ponders the packages of legs and says “WAIT! What are those things called…you know….the little birds…they’re cute….little…” I finally realize she was talking about Cornish Game Hens.


Her mind was made up.

A cornish game hen for each of us and Butterfinger ice cream for dessert.

I had to CONVINCE her that we needed a veggie to go with our own mini birds. She chose Corn on the Cob. I was hoping for something green, with a bit of nutrition, but hey, it’s her night.

Then I told her she should do some sort of starch…like a potato, noodle or rice side….she suggested “banana’s”. Ummm, no that’s a fruit. She suggested “corn”. Sure, a side of corn with our corn on the cob. UGH. This was going nowhere….I reminded her POTATO, NOODLE, RICE…..

She chose a side of mashed potatoes.

This meal was becoming more fattening by the second…with little nutrition….

But, all her choices where acceptable and I was not going to thwart her plans.

She prepared the birds…

She used a recipe for baked chicken that included lemon juice, oil, garlic, parsley & thyme.

She mashed up some red potatoes, by hand, adding a bit of sea salt, butter and milk.

She served us portions that could feed our entire neighborhood.

Cuz everyone needs their very own bird on a plate once in a while!

It was delicious. It was a HUGE learning experience for Lexi. She appreciated the flavor of the meat BECAUSE she made the seasoning. She kept asking if we could taste the lemon in the meat.

Brayden (7yo) gagged each time he dug into his bird to get a bite. He reminded Lexi that he liked the flavor, just not the greasy, gooey mess…. Made me laugh each time!

Great job Lex. Another successful Kids in the Kitchen experience.

And for the record, she called them Canadian Game Hens all night. But, that was better than what Brayden called them, Hornish Gain Hems.

New Trial: One night a week is Kid Night

I ran into a friend at the grocery store yesterday. Both of us were gathering a few items for dinner. She makes a comment about being exhausted and ready to go home and sit on the couch. She then proceeded to tell me that every week they have Family Dinner Night in which one of their children (ranging from 6th grade to 3 years old) picks WHAT they will have for dinner AND MAKES IT. The only child she has to be in the kitchen with is the 3 year old, but she did tell me that the 3 year old knows EXACTLY what ingredients go into the spaghetti and will keep her on track. She said it works so well with her three kids because they are creative. One might not be too daring in the dinner department but dessert is his specialty. She said her middle son is a fabulous baker, so he is daring and creative with the main course.

I have had my kids make their own pizza’s, meaning, I make the dough, they sprinkle their toppings on… but I have never given them the power to decide and then create the entire meal themselves. What a way to boost their knowledge in the kitchen as well as training them in sooo many ways!

I am so excited to start this tradition in my own home.

Tonight is Lexi’s night. Lexi just turned 10. She is our oldest and is in the 4th grade.

She picked Chicken Quesadilla’s served with a dollop of sour cream and for dessert she chose homemade donuts from her new donut maker with a homemade maple glaze.


Dinner and dessert was EXCELLENT. Lexi was proud.

Next week: Brayden’s night. He is so excited and can’t stop throwing his ideas around. He’s mentioned chicken, broccoli, noodles tossed with butter…but his main course….CRAB.

Oh boy….

Mom’s, Puppies & Lemonade….

They gave me Mother’s Day. The newbie blogger. *I secretly think they are trying to sabotage me.* BUT WAIT….MAYBE, just maybe, they were being really smart because most people are doing special spoily kinda stuff on Mother’s Day like getting pedicures and going to brunch…not sitting in front of a computer reading stuff…. Right?…don’t all mom’s go to brunch on Mother’s Day? So, maybe Christine & Nadia were the brilliant gals who thought…”hmmm…let’s give the new girl the day where everyone is busy….” *Maybe they are NOT actually trying to sabotage me!!*

Well then, now that I feel much less pressure…let’s move on! This post is about puppies. Not really, but my son, whom just turned 7 informed me that ALL GIRLS like puppies! And I figure mostly girls are going to read this.

There! (I have no idea about protocol from stealing pics from the internet, so click here for the link to where I found this pic) I probably shouldn’t be allowed to have my own website. I am bound to break a law or 12.

It’s ok, you can click the back button and go back to something more interesting. I don’t blame you.

I almost forgot!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I didn’t want kids. For YEARS. Ask Jenny on The Spot, she’ll tell ya! Kids scared the EVERYTHING out of me! They are little and leaky as babies and then they start talking back and running away from you.

I thought I would be fine with a cat. But that honeymoon period only lasted a bit, and then it started to gross me out. So I threw her away.

Guess one kid couldn’t hurt. Ok, 2 kids, but THAT’S it. He wanted a bakers dozen.

Not from me dude. Find yourself a sister-wife or something if you want any more than 2.

I wanted a girl kid REALLY bad. I was into dance & gymnastics as a kid, so I wanted a girl to live vicariously through her…. just kidding…. (gosh, tough crowd)

I got my girl! She was born on Christmas Eve in 2001.

And then….a couple years later, this happened.

One girl, one boy. Done! Perfect!

I was done for a few different reasons.

  • I only have 2 hands. Figure 1 kid on each hand, if I had a 3rd kid….how in the heck would I hold his/her’s hand in a parking lot?
  • Twins are EVERYWHERE in my family and hubs family. Wasn’t risking going from 2 to 4….
  • In reality, I actually already had 3 kids at this point…cuz let’s face it, the husband is just another kid, albeit taller and the bacon bringer home’r

Those were/are my reasons…so don’t think I’m all judgy about people who have more kids! Those people are UH-MAZING, I just couldn’t do it!

Shortly after having these kids, I realized just how much POWER I have!

I also realized as a mom I was pretty strict. My kids will eat what we eat at all meals, they will be kind and respectful and fun. I say NO a lot. I might not even let them finish their sentence and I have already said NO. I know….I am a MEAN mom. Jerk. Its ok, I am. But, I am really trying to get better. I still don’t allow play-doh, but thats what hubby is for, they do all those things that I say NO to when I’m not around!

Lexi is 9 and a half and Brayden just turned 7. They ROCK my world.

Lexi is ridiculously smart and FUNNY…..SO FUNNY, she has this dry quick witted humor that often leaves my jaw-dropped.

Brayden is sweet, smart and athletic. I am told by every mom who works in the class (I’m the bad mom who rarely EVER helps in the class) that Brayden is the most thoughtful boy they have ever met! That makes my heart melt.

These kids deserve a way better mom! So, for them, I am trying to be better! The fun mom who sometimes actually says yes.

So, the other day, they asked a HUGE question. I said YES and I WISH I could have gotten a picture of their faces, to be honest, Lexi already started her rebuttal before she realized I actually said YES.

I let them set up a lemonade stand at the end of the driveway.


In many ways, they had TONS of customers (they made $20 and sold each cup for a quarter…so ya, figure that out!)

That day, they thought I was the ABSOLUTE BEST MOM ON THE PLANET!!

I totally won that day!

I wish this post had some deep rooted point, but it really doesn’t. I always tell people I don’t really do ‘mommy blogging’ because I don’t think I’m a great mom. First of all, I am certainly NOT old enough to be a mom (I’m still 25, right?) & I certainly don’t feel even remotely mature enough to be a mom (just ask ANY of my nieces or nephews…) BUT, I have amazing kids. Like I said earlier, they deserve better. And since I am not willing to give them away, I better do what I can to be that better mom!

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the AMAZING moms out there and ALSO to all the moms like me who are just trying to keep their kids fed and dressed and even occasionally brush their hair before they get on the school bus (OH MY GOSH, is that why some of you moms homeschool?). Anyhooo….we deserve props too!


I was approached last month to be a part of the May Mom Blog Hop put together by Christine & Nadia. Thank you ladies for this invite, I was incredibly excited and overwhelmed….and will TOTALLY understand if you cross me off your list for next time! ;o)

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Tomorrow’s post will be from Jana at The Bees Knees so make sure you check it out!

WARNING: This post contains information about the tooth fairy. Well, OUR tooth fairy. I recommend you do not read in front of your children, no matter how old. With all these new-fangled ‘read in utero’ programs, your child may be reading at 8th grade level while breast feeding.

Our tooth fairy is always on time, never forgets, makes GREAT choices, basically SUCKS!

This all started about 5 years ago when our daughter lost her first tooth.  Ooooooooohhhh Meeeeeee Gooooooosh, we were excited. WE LOST OUR FIRST TOOTH. Well, “we” didn’t, but as the proud mom & dad, we might as well have. The VERY FIRST visit from the tooth fairy was ABOUT to take place. SQUUEEEAAALLLL!!!

Apparently more excited over this being the first lost tooth….we failed to calculate just HOW MANY teeth are in these pint size little mouths. Yes, we already had both our kids by then. 2 mouths…times like 48 or whatever……seems like there are at least that many teeth per mouth. So, mistake #1, we left a friggin $5 bill under the pillow as a swap out for the tooth.

Well, shortly after that, another tooth fell out and we were caught off guard. We left ANOTHER $5.

That was the moment the ‘bar’ was set. That was exactly when we couldn’t turn back, well without being unfair jerks. ESPECIALLY when kid #2 started loosing teeth.

Lets move on….before you start judging us….

Our baby boy (he’s 6 and a half) lost HIS VERY FIRST TOOTH just recently. He has watched big sister lose her teeth since she was 4 years old and this kid just can’t get one loose for the life of him. Finally, we wiggled one out a couple weeks ago. Again, he is almost 7. We were starting to wonder….

So, he waits with anticipation. He has his rockin little blue tooth fairy pillow all set up by his head. He can BARELY sleep.

We (the real tooth fairy).


OOOOOO   MMMMMM    GGGGGGGG, our tooth fairy rights and parenting card should be revoked.

He woke up the next morning sobbing, quite hysterically. He was distraught.

We came up with some story about sometimes the tooth fairy just can’t make it to all the homes….and maybe she did come but couldn’t find the tooth…..and sometimes if she thinks you are away she won’t leave you any money….blah blah blah…. I TOTALLY ALREADY KNOW…. we are AWFUL.

Moving on…..YES….I have one more totally awful tooth fairy situation. From last night.

Our 9 year old has lost 4 teeth in the last week. Recall Tooth Fairy Mistake #1. Yeah, that’s right. We are up to $20. I think now is also an appropriate time to mention we NEVER have cash. Either my kids need to take visa/debit cards or we just need an ATM on the premises. This has made for quite a few late night runs to the gas station in order to grab a pack of gum and get $5 cash back.

Well…..not this time folks. I’m almost too embarrassed to admit this…but now I kinda hafta!

Alright, well since the girl had just lost a different tooth a few nights ago, she had her money in my purse, in case we happen to be on our way home from somewhere and the PERFECT shopping opportunity arises. She wanted to be ready.

Yes, that is EXACTLY what we did. We used the SAME $5 that I was holding from the last tooth.

*Please Lord, do NOT let her ask to have all her money. PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE*

So, there you have it. Our tooth fairy is quite possibly the worst tooth fairy on the planet. So, I would like to take this time to humbly request a new one. Apply below.

DISCLAIMER: Maybe you actually do have a real tooth fairy. If so, sorry if this story ruins your kids beliefs. But then again, I told you not to show this story to your kids…..

Credit Citation: Uk Smiles Emax Veneers

The sun came back out here in Florida, so what do we do, we SWIM.  For hours….and hours….and hours…I decided to just sit.  I was on the porch watching (technically “listening” for screaming, fighting & drowning) as I was playing on my ipod.  I got a really fun new fishing game, called Fish Frenzy, I have the new high score of 618….YIPPEE!  Anyhow, as I was sitting there playing, I started catching a few words here and there that the kids were saying to each other…I decided to put the ipod, blackberry & laptop down for a bit and just listen.

Things that make you go HUH????

“It’s not a customer, it’s a bug!” - OK, what game are they playing and I am not interested in going to that tea party.

Go brain go!” – Brayden was apparently talking himself into jumping off the ladder!

“Watch this, I’ll do a belly-punch” – Uh-huh….99.9% of the people in the world call this a belly-flop, but my kid is “different”!

“If you see any bubbles, that means I need help” – HAHAHAHA!!!!  Even I couldn’t help but laugh at that one!

“When you see bubbles like these, that means I’m sending you a message” - I think the message was SWIM AWAY…SWIM FAR FAR AWAY!!

Last but not least…but it was my favorite of the day…

“There are no floaties in racing” – I don’t even want to go there….