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No really!

I actually did!

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog lately, since I decided I was going to put some serious thought and consideration into my future. Not that you all aren’t my future….


See, contemplating….

Actually….this was the very photo I posted just after I took my California Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

Thats right people…..I’m a Real Estate Agent!


And today, yes, TODAY, I signed my contract with The Real Estate Group.


I am soooooo excited I can barely control myself…..

I do cartwheels everywhere. Oh wait…I did that before….

I still don’t know why it took me 20 something years to figure out how much I enjoy looking at other peoples houses….



*Gasp* Gettin My Workout On!

I can’t believe I am doing it, but I am writing a post on diet & exercise! Ha! I actually thought the chance of me writing about exercise was about as likely as me actually doing the P90x. Ya, well….apparently I am on a ‘do everything I never wanted to do’ trend cuz I just finished week 1 of the P90x.

So, whats the point of this post. Simple. Working out is easy. And eating healthy is even easier. Our excuses are friggin lame. I have used every excuse in the book, so there probably aren’t many new ones out there. I totally get it if you have a medical condition that prevents you from cardiovascular activity, but that should stop you from eating healthy.

I have always tried to be active. I still play volleyball as if I am in my 20′s. I love to run, not long distances, but my knees don’t dig it, so a couple miles here and there is all I can handle. I have done various types of cardio, but I rarely stick with one. I get bored.

So, I received a phone call January 28th that I was going on a cruise, departing March 20th. I had less than 1 month to shape up. That’s not much notice, but luckily we try to eat healthy and I was already fairly active.

That is when I decided I am going to push myself.  Hard.

Step 1: Food. Figure out how many calories I want to limit myself to each day. Track EVERYTHING that I put into my body.
*I have an iPhone, so I downloaded a couple free FABULOUS Apps, MyFitnessPal & Restaurant Nutrition (We don’t eat out a ton, but LOVE to have all the info at my fingertips of what is my best option at almost every fast food joint)

Step 2: Cardio. I needed to do something each day. Normally I would go for a run, but when the weather didn’t cooperate, I would hit the treadmill. When time was limited, I used this insanely AWESOME program from where you jog/run/walk for a certain number of minutes and it WORKS you! In 20 minutes I could be done with my cardio. Boom!

Step 3: Toning. I love to lay by the pool in a bikini and soak up the sun. I just can’t get enough of it. So, I have a few areas on my body that need some massive toning. My abs (duh), my legs and my bottom. Running and fast paced walking does a great job on my legs and if I work extra hard, it works my bottom too. My abs are another story. I have tried the gym & different videos. No matter what I do, it seems my muscles are super strong, but I am FAR FROM having a 6-pack.

This was all working out well, but I wasn’t sure about what results I was going to get in the 3.5 weeks I had until I board the boat to the Bahamas.

Enter the P90x. A workout at HOME. For 90 days.

I have had this video series for years. I have been strongly encouraged by many different friends to try it….again, for years. I was ALWAYS fearful of this program because I don’t want to look like she-man. I want to look like a nice toned lady. Not like I am about to enter a weight lifting competition. Not my thing.

I am such a blonde!

I just completed week 1 of the P90x and I haven’t feel this fit, worked, toned & healthy in YEARS. Sure, week 1 is far from completing this program, but I am addicted.

Each day is a different workout, which is GREAT for variety. They are long, but I can almost always find an hour to fit it in. It is a FULL body workout. I am not going to lie, I wanted to cry in the beginning….and yes, I almost threw up during Yoga. *snort*

*I need to point out that if you are working out hard, keep track of the calories you are burning, you still need to stay in a healthy zone of calorie intake per day, that is the part I am struggling with. I plan to stock up on protein bars, protein drinks and misc items that are healthy to fill the void!

*Get a workout buddy. Friends or spouses are GREAT, but if you don’t have anyone around you, get an online buddy. I literally entered into a commitment with a couple of girls on twitter, @jayelisson & @ellemmes.

This is an investment that is worth every penny. BREAKING NEWS: Studies prove that health and fitness lengthens your life.


Give it 1 week.

I DARE you!

Question for you: When you feel good about yourself, do you notice it changes your ENTIRE outlook on life?    Your marriage (Oh ya, you know what I’m talking about)?    Your family?