I recently visited the East Coast. It was cold. It was awesome.

Spent some time with my mom, sister, her fiancé annndddd his family. Seriously AWESOME people. No really, do you ever meet new people and think to yourself, REALLY?!?! Are these people really this amazing? Yep, really! Met some new amazing people. Glad they will soon be a part of my extended family.

They threw an INCREDIBLE engagement party for my sis and her man. See the happy couple below!



Me, my mom and my sisterMe, mom and sis


Teehee, its Aunt Linda!Aunt Linda and sister

Rob (or Robbie, the fiancé), Jaubrie (my sister) and Pam & Rob (Robbie’s parents) IMG_4090

Then….yes, then we skipped on over to the Big Apple to have a little more fun!

We pahked ahr cah in Jewsey….Jersey with NY in the background

We checked out Central ParkSis, Rob and Me

Obviously, we hit The Plaza. Had to see what sitting at the bar in the Plaza was like!
The tree at The Plaza

We found amazing NutcrackersGIANT Nutcracker

We were guest judges on The Voice….ok, maybe not exactly that…
I want YOU

We hung out with the NYPD…obviously…NYPD Yo!

Let me remind you all, NY knows how to PARTY…and in honor of our limited amount of time in The Big Apple, we kept the party going until the wee hours of the morning…yes, we were hailing a taxi at 4:30am to go back to our hotel.

Let me also tell you all, I am SOOOOO VERY THANKFUL that tattoo parlors are NOT open at 4:30am. Someone in our little party (no need to name names…MY SISTER…) was extremely insistent upon getting a tat immediately!

And although there was much, MUCH more to our trip….I don’t feel the need to bore any of you….EXCEPT….for our  visit to FAO Schwarts…

For you, MY FRIENDS….

This EXCLUSIVE video…. Only seen within my home prior to this….

Yes, I did get yelled at…and then ran away embarrassed!