Yep. “That” kind of mom.

I really hope I don’t look as trashy in real life as I often FEEL.

We went “camping” last weekend. I put camping in quotes because we drove approximately 15 minutes from our house to a swanky RV Resort. With a swanky pool and a SPA. No, not the hot tub, which they has as well. A SPA…as in mani’s & pedi’s.


We had a GREAT time. Just hanging out with some good friends.

Dave even got us matching shirts & hats to celebrate our trip..

But the magic happened on the 2nd day… when my confidence was at its high.

Dude. I work out. I’m like fit in stuff. ISH. (I like to add ‘ish’ to the end of words in order to make them apply better.)

You play basketball…ya, well I can too.

You play football….ya, well ME TOO.

You can ride a RIP STIK…. Uh, duh….MEEE TOOOOO.

Oh wait…..

This little evil board of death only has 2, that’s right,
T-W-O WHEELS. And it’s all TWISTY in the center.


Do you really think that stopped me?

The crash was spectacular.

Some day I will learn to act my age.

Which also means some day I will accept my 30-something-ish age.

Some. Day.

It’s possible when that day comes upon me, I will be able to lay on my right side again.

Oh, that will be fantastic!