Let's do this!

It was basically my first time. I’m a TOTAL newbie. The only other time I have ever put on a snowboard, it was SOOO long ago that I can’t remember if I even made it off the bunny hill.


I’m NOT that girl. The whiny one. The one who says “I CAN’T”.

Nope. I TRY so hard NOT to be that girl that I often FAIL to an EXTREME degree.

So, we DO this. We cruise up to the mountain to have an EPIC day of snowboarding. It’s me, my hubs, and our BFF’s Nicolle & Aaron.

We arrive at the ski park at 2pm. The ski park closed at 4pm.

The guys would have had to rent equipment and pay for lift tickets…so they opted out. This left me and Nicolle on our own.

No turning back now

There was no turning back now. First up, the bunny hill. Now, I can safely state that I ROCKED the bunny hill.


I know, I KNOW….I have ALREADY been yelled at for this picture….I promise, I didn’t have my weight on my back foot the whole time…I had basically JUST stood up for the first time here… It’s the ONLY pic of me in action!

We gave the bunny hill 2 good runs. Well…”we” is slightly inaccurate… Nicolle, who knows how to snowboard, but hasn’t been in many years, was having a bit of trouble with that testy rope tow.

Well….Go big or go home…right!?!?! Up the lift we gooooo….

The first run was a success. Minor falls. Lot’s of stops. Made it to the bottom, fairly unharmed.

AGAIN….AGAIN…. Feeling a bit proud and able to “do this”…we head up again, this time, using the lift time to take pics!

Up the lift we go!



Shortly after this pic was taken by Nicolle, I pulled out my phone….



My license was now sitting in a pile of snow directly below the ski lift. Somewhere between the top of the lift and the bottom of the lift. Somewhere….

Well…that’s inconvenient….

Let me remind you, I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SNOWBOARD, therefore, I am NOT even close to being able to NAVIGATE to a tricky location in order to locate my ID.

Well CRAP.

So, we sit at the top of the hill, trying to map out our route. We ask the 12 year old boys, who clearly have been snowboarding since birth if they are willing to go get it for me, since they watched the whole thing from the chair behind us….but they straight up told us they were trying to impress a group of girls, so they couldn’t.

So. I will spare you the long story. Although funny…here is the ending.


My snowboard ended up in a tree. Not connected to my feet. I found my ID. I had to walk halfway down the mountain. Nicolle had to climb into the tree to retrieve my board and then met me at the bottom of the hill with my board.

I can safely say, a few of “my moves” during that whole sequence of events weren’t well thought out.

But, you should also know, that wasn’t the end of our day. We went up the lift again, took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on the Freestyle run. Again, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SNOWBOARD.

BUT I HAVE VIDEO….of Nicolle! Click the link below!

Nicolle rockin the jump!

We made it down that run, again, fairly unharmed. Unless you count our stomachs hurting from SO MUCH LAUGHTER.

We got one more run in before the mountain closed. I actually had the snow patrol following me down on my last run. It was embarrassing. I even got stuck and he had to pull me up and push me until I got going again. Did I mention how embarrassing this was??

So, the day after blues….I’m sore. Everything from my neck down hurts. Especially my tailbone area (aka BUTT) and my knees. Oh, the bruises are amazing.

Oh, also, my ribs. You might wonder WHY my ribs are bruised…..


Do all ski pants go up to your ribs? Or are these just “special”? The zipper on these bad boys is at least 7 inches long. When I bend over, my ribs actually rest on top of the pants. After a few hours of this, my ribs were bruised.

I can’t wait to do it all again!