Ok, so I was going to start with “I Once was Lost, but Then You Found Me…” but that was kinda sorta about finding Jesus.

Then I was going to say “You Complete Me” but that was a story I did a long time ago about my first iPhone.

So, having to start from scratch…..

You Lost Completely Until You Found Me!

Ha!! Ok, not for real, YOU are the greatest gift God could have EVER given me. You are the most AMAZING father to your children, and INCREDIBLE husband to me, a WONDERFUL brother, a FANTASTIC son, but most of all, you are my VERY BEST Friend. You have been the firm rock that has held this family together over the last few years of tragedies. We have had a lot of tears, but you have always been the first one there to wipe them away. You keep our focus on God and His ways, you are raising our kids up in His ways. Also, you are FUNNY. Sooooo FUNNY.

You are truly without a doubt, my most FAVORITEST, EXTRAORDINARY, FABULOUS PERSON on this whole planet.

I always want your birthdays to be FABULOUS and UNFORGETTABLE.

This year was tough.. I thought about Nerf Bars for your truck….

Of course I considered the new iPad

But then……A friend had a FANTASTIC idea…..



Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Nerdy Cupcake Sugar Love Muffin Schnoochams (That was a little long for the Star Naming Counsel, but I made them accept it.

143 ALWAYS!  Let’s run off into the sunset together!! ;o)