The sun came back out here in Florida, so what do we do, we SWIM.  For hours….and hours….and hours…I decided to just sit.  I was on the porch watching (technically “listening” for screaming, fighting & drowning) as I was playing on my ipod.  I got a really fun new fishing game, called Fish Frenzy, I have the new high score of 618….YIPPEE!  Anyhow, as I was sitting there playing, I started catching a few words here and there that the kids were saying to each other…I decided to put the ipod, blackberry & laptop down for a bit and just listen.

Things that make you go HUH????

“It’s not a customer, it’s a bug!” - OK, what game are they playing and I am not interested in going to that tea party.

Go brain go!” – Brayden was apparently talking himself into jumping off the ladder!

“Watch this, I’ll do a belly-punch” – Uh-huh….99.9% of the people in the world call this a belly-flop, but my kid is “different”!

“If you see any bubbles, that means I need help” – HAHAHAHA!!!!  Even I couldn’t help but laugh at that one!

“When you see bubbles like these, that means I’m sending you a message” - I think the message was SWIM AWAY…SWIM FAR FAR AWAY!!

Last but not least…but it was my favorite of the day…

“There are no floaties in racing” – I don’t even want to go there….