We did!

I’m serious!!

Teehee, why for??  Well, during our little family photo shoot before Christmas, we decided to have some fun.  We are kinda nerdy when it comes to Apple products.  We have….well, at least 1 of everything, even the Best Laptops for writers for our family members!  Our kids (6 year old & 9 year old) can have a full on conversation with you about apps, itunes, why they want 2nd gen iPads & the pro’s & con’s of each iPod. And watch this, we can control our Apple TV with every other Apple device in our house… Hey look…our iPhoto library is scrolling through as our “screen saver” on our TV….. that is SOOO AWESOME!

I thought those were normal conversations.

My bad.

Anyhooooo….we are a nerdy family!

For fun, we all have different Apple products, I have a unibody MacBook Pro, Brayden has a 2nd gen iPod touch, Lexi has Bry’s iPhone 4 & Bry has an iPad…..

My purpose in emailing this to Mr. Jobs was simply for giggles.  Hopefully it will lift his spirits a bit while he is out…He is a brilliant man whom we hope returns back to work healthy and happy soon!

We are praying for you Steve!