It’s SO close to being done, that I am posting the pics. I want you all to see the beauty that was designed and built before my eyes. From Gag-Me to Gorgeous in just under 3 months.

A few before’s just as a simple reminder….

Purdy, eh!

This was a three part transformation, both the first 2 parts seemed minor, but now that the project is almost complete, I appreciate those other parts so much more!

Part 1 was removing the wallpaper, this was done about a year ago (shortly after we moved in).

Part 2 was the floor. We put in a temporary floor, which I absolutely LOVE and think it may not be temporary!

Part 3 began on Mother’s Day. Hubs said to me “how about new cabinets for Mother’s Day?” I am not sure if this was just a desperate plea to escape the wrath of forgetting to actually go and get a gift for me, but whatever the reasoning….I WAS ALL OVER IT!

New cabinets also meant new countertop. You can’t just put the old counter on the new cabinets. New countertop meant new kitchen sink. New design meant new island which meant new barstools. New layout meant old kitchen table wouldn’t fit…..meaning……new kitchen table. Old nasty dishwasher meant new dishwasher.

This turned into a total kitchen remodel! Woooooot!

We listed our old kitchen cabinets on craigslist. We said make offer, remove yourself. We had $500 bucks handed to us and a crew of three large dudes come and remove the old cabinets.

Then our work began! The reason I am including these pics is to prove that we did MOST of the work ourselves. With ZERO prior knowledge or experience! The only thing we hired out was the electrical. And a not-so-minor plumbing issue we ran into. Otherwise….we learned as we went!

We tore out all of the old drywall from the ground up about 4 feet. We repaired some water damage both in the walls and floor. Moved plumbing. Moved the gas line. Moved a couple electrical outlets. Capped off some lights.

We tapped, mudded, sanded and mudded some more.

We textured.

We got it all ready for the cabinet install!

I shall skip forward a excrutiatingly LONG 3.5 weeks….

The we got the countertops installed.

Here are the pics you were waiting for. Or skipped down to see!


The particulars:

We used Home Depot for almost everything. They designed the new layout, they work directly with the cabinet company as well as the countertop company. We got natural hickory cabinets made by American Woodmark. We got the Rosa Gray Silestone countertops. (Supposed to be the strongest countertop available, its made out of quartz).

Bonus Features:

Undermount granite sink with instant hot water. It’s sooooo pretty!!!

My little corner of happiness:

It’s still not finished, we have some patch work to do on the ceiling, some touch up on the paint and trim, the floor molding….lots of minor stuff like that.

We also plan to replace the microwave with a stainless steel one (to match everything else….) and as soon as we find the right deal, we will install a 2nd oven in the island (left a blank cabinet for this purpose).

Special thanks to my father-in-law Harvey for being spectacular and helping us TONS. Also to Aaron and Nicolle whom have spent many nights here working with us. We couldn’t have done this without you guys!!!